Fitness is not Result Oriented, it is Process Oriented

Nupuur Patil

Nupuur Patil, A mumbai based sports nutritionist and athlete is bringing a change in the fitness industry to all new heights. The common notion around fitness is “losing weight and staying healthy” but Nupuur believes in something absolutely different, She believes in “Moving everyday and working out everyday”.

The smartest minds never got immediate validation, be it the case with Newton, Einstien or any other path breaking personality. The world has adapted a fitness module and their minds are conditioned accordingly. Nupuur often asks “why do people with six packs make it to the fitness hoardings?”

She believes that the world is being fed a different definition of fitness which isn’t a sustainable model in the long run. She strongly believes that we dont need to wake up early and go to the gym when home is all we need. Nupuur has successfully finished IronMan 70.3 held in Dubai breaking every stereotype around fitness.

A lay man has always and forever spoken about fitness as a result oriented activity, it’s always perceived as something or some figure one aspires to reach, the world aims at losing weight and losing inches, Nupuur believes in this module of fitness but only if they stay consistent after reaching their goals.

Fitness is not a result, it’s a process and one must follow it religiously without skipping. She firmly believes “two days of training missed is equivalent to pushing your body a month back, Dont stop, Move everyday”

The best part of her Fitness model is that one doesn’t require a gym set up , you just require will power. Through her app, she has already brought in more than 500 transformations of her clientele worldwide within record time. Nupuur ended her conversation by saying “The world will see a new wave of fitness where people adapt it as a process oriented approach more than result oriented”.

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