Fitness Model And Guru Naor Yazdan Talks With Us About Training During COVID-19

Social distancing, self-quarantining, and the closure of the local gyms have made it impossible for most of us to exercise. Fitness guru Naor Yazdan will give us tips that can help you keep active and healthy during this difficult time.

Naor’s Story

Naor is a former militant in the Israeli army. He started taking fitness seriously when it became a necessity for his occupation.I grew as a skinny kid, I didn’t eat alot or train at this point because I had no clear idea on how to structure my diet or my workouts. I was naturally pretty with a very fast metabolism, so I couldn’t gain muscle mass back then.At the age of 18, like many others in Israel, I had to join the army. I was out of shape and it was very hard for me to adjust to the new life.

I always loved Fitness from a very young age, I was inspired by many famous athletes, I always wanted to look like them one day so by the time I was forced to workout I decided to put all my effort into it and take it to the next level. That was my turning point.At first It was very hard for me to gain muscle because I didn’t get enough rest in the army so i had to work twice as hard on gaining those muscles, but it was worth it. When you really, really want something, nothing can stop you from achieving it. And here I am 10 years later.

What is your life like now during the pandemic?

I understand it’s hard for most of us to stay active during this time. The closure of gyms and social distancing can lead to very inactive life.I try to stay active as possible during these harsh times and keep working out as much as I can.

How important is to stay active during COVID-19?

Most of our daily routines remain restricted during this pandemic so it can be very difficult to find ways and motivation to exercise.Working Out  from home and the limited access to fitness facilities takes its toll, you may be finding it hard to stick to a workout routine or lack the necessary motivation to even get up and start. And I’m not even talking about those who used to attend a fitness class with a motivating instructor. All of these can lead to depression and very inactive life.

Maintaining an exercise routine at home can seem more like a ‘should’ than a ‘want to’ for most of us. In my point of view, even a  small amount of activity can make a huge difference. In fact, exercise is one of the most powerful tools we have for staying physically and mentally healthy, exercise can help ease depression, stress, and anxiety, and aid in the management of chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes

So what is your suggestion for us?

The first thing most people need to do is to make an exercise plan that will fit you.

You don’t have to stick to your old big exercise plan.You’re more likely to stick to an exercise plan if you start small, celebrate your successes, and build up gradually.

The second thing is to prioritize your workouts.

People who put their fitness activities on the calendar tend to stick to their plan. Find a time during the day that suits you and stick to that time on a regular basis, make it just like any other appointment you have. You wouldn’t cancel your appointment with your doctor because you were busy or you didn’t feel like it at that moment, right?

Workout at the time that’s right for you.

Many people find it easier for them to workout in the mornings, completing your fitness routine in the morning can energize you and set a positive tone for the rest of the day, while others find it easier and more useful to train in the afternoon when their energy is flagging.

Take it easier.

You don’t have to workout as hard as you used to in the gym. Rather than aim to “get in better shape” try to focus more on maintaining your physique and healthy life.In order to stay motivated while training home,you will need to make some changes.

Try to decrease the length of your workout, frequency, distance of your cardio, and effort level by some degree and put it all back together once the gyms are reopened again.Taking some time off can also benefit us in the long run.

Find a partner.

Find a friend with the same goals and routines as yours and workout together and give positive feedback to each other.You’re less likely to skip a session if you have a partner, working out with a buddy can keep you on track.

Stay lean.

The most important thing, in my opinion, is to stay strict with your diet.While finding a place or energy to workout can be an uneasy task, keeping your diet on track is quite easy. People tend to be unhealthy in those times because they workout less often, so why keep on a diet?

While the smarter thing will be to at least keep tracking your diet plan.Keeping track of your diet will help you maintain your gains and your body fat.

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