Fitness Model Firat Zan Shares 6 Important Tips to Remember In Shedding Extra Fats

Many people have recognized Firat Zan as a Turkish fitness model and ambassador with uniquely muscular builds. Firat Zan’s amazing builds made his photos go viral just months after he created his Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Until now, Firat Zan is also a fitness entrepreneur with an eye for traveling, video-making, weightlifting, swimming, and other activities. Today, he would also like to share six important tips for shedding fats as follows.

1. Be critical about the supplements you would take

Firat Zan is no stranger to the health supplements world since he is a fitness ambassador with millions of fans on his Facebook and Instagram pages. However, he strongly urges his fans and followers to carefully examine the health supplements they would take. He also encourages you to consult with doctors and other health professionals about what supplements are compatible with your body type.

 2. Examine weight loss programs carefully

Firat Zan himself loves the old-school ways of training muscles and sometimes eats meats. Nonetheless, he said in one of his interviews that he loves it when his followers follow vegan lifestyles. He also has no problems with followers with different weight loss programs. It is because he recognizes the diversity in his followers’ and fans’ health needs. He advises us to examine and choose the correct weight loss programs (and stick to them).

3. Don’t immediately decrease your food intakes

Calories are no strange things for this 6’3″ tall Turkish fitness model due to his many interactions with fitness professionals. At this point, he would like to stress that immediately reducing food intake is not a healthy action to take in losing weight. You will lose weight but become fatter later due to the starving metabolism. Instead, he advises gradually decreasing food intake every twice a week.

4. Exercise isn’t the only success key to losing weight

Many health professionals advise overweight people to exercise more. However, Firat Zan disagrees with such statements. Too many exercises (and not much drinking) can lead to faster dehydration. He said we lose the electrolyte amount every time we “burn” calories while forgetting to drink. So, be sure to have some “water time” while exercising.

5. Quit smoking and drinking

Firat Zan feels sorry that some of his followers and fans still have difficulties quitting smoking and drinking. He said that even though these two behaviors are tempting when we feel stressed, it’s crucial to channel our stresses to other constructive activities. Following YouTube workouts every morning is one of the alternatives we can try, as long as we don’t forget the “water time” (see tips #4).

6. Fats can be good friends

Firat Zan also disagrees with some people who say that we should avoid fats at all costs if we want to lose weight. He showed the facts that there are fats that can build up our muscles and satisfy hunger in healthy ways. Foods with these types of fats are the foods that we should consume.

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