Five NFT Communities Worth a Spot on Your Watchlist


To continue our introduction to NFT communities we reviewed five popular projects that are on a steep discount. The fallout from the FTX explosion has created a Black Friday Sale on several NFT communities that may be worth adding to your watchlist. We’ve provided some historical prices and project overviews of just a few to fast track your search. There are thousands of NFT communities to choose from and investors should always do their own research. An NFT community exists for just about every interest so don’t be afraid to be specific in your search for the right one. 

Are you Bored yet?

While still not affordable for most people, the BAYC floor price did drop from 144ETH in April to 49ETH this week. Several auctions for BAYC are listed on at an even steeper discount. With 1.3M followers on twitter and the most recognizable PFPs, those that can afford it at this discount may want to consider taking the opportunity. The yuga labs website says they are “shaping web3 through storytelling, experiences, and community.” In the Yugaverse “fans and players are owners and creators.” Many companies have made BAYC their brand including several celebrities and athletes. Some notable owners include Steve Aoki, Jimmy Fallon, Snoop Dog, and many more. The Otherside was the biggest project launched by BAYC, and the NFTs will be transformed into playable characters.  Original BAYC owners we’re also airdropped significant amounts of APECOIN. The list of exclusive benefits goes on, but BAYC is certainly high on the list of projects worth investigating. 


Azuki, a more recently launched project, has made waves recently. In April the average price was 36ETH and now rests around 9.4ETH. It also did not experience a significant fall after the crypto crash which may signal a strong community at these prices. With 578K followers on twitter the reach of this community seems strong. They call themselves the web3 anime universe and have fantastic art that owners can use as digital identities in the metaverse.  Their vision is to “create the largest decentralized brand for the metaverse that is built and owned by the community.”  Some notable partners include Epic High, RTFKT, and Ledger hardware wallet. 

Do you Need a Web3 Friend?

The well-known social media influencer Gary Vaynerchuck created the VeeFriends NFT community. With 265K followers on twitter, it says it prides itself on meaningful intellectual property and an extraordinary community. VeeCon is a well known exclusive Web3 conference started by Gary Vaynerchuck and holders of VeeFriends get access to the event for a limited time. Some notable partners of VeeFriends include Macy’s and Toys R Us. In September of 2021 the VeeFriends floor was at 17.6ETH and is now down to 5.8ETH. The discord community is very welcoming and filled with the unending optimism and support GaryVee is known for. This might be a good project for new investors to join to get a sense of community and to learn.


With a previous floor price of 34ETH, Moonbirds is now hovering around 7ETH. According to the website, Moonbirds unlock private club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold them. Holders receive exclusive access to drops, meetups, IRL events, and access to upcoming PROOF projects including the PROOF metaverse, Highrise. Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell, thought leaders in the NFT industry, created the PROOF initiative on which Moonbird was founded. Rose said that the profits from the sale of Moonbirds would be used to turn PROOF into a well-known and reputable media firm. With 210k followers on twitter, notable founders, and a tight knit community, Moonbirds is one for the watchlist. 


Founded by Alex Becker and Ellio Wainman, two popular Web3 social media influencers and builders, Neo Tokyo is a buildoor community. It hosts a collection of VCs, developers, founders, and highly proficient builders all gathered in one token gated area of web3. The goal of the community is to be well positioned at the forefront of the metaverse revolution by harnessing the power of a collective group of skilled Web3 builders. With 129k followers on twitter, the reach is smaller but highly specific. (To keep the list fair, I’m a member of this community so am thus biased.) The projects coming from members inside the community grow daily and the list can be viewed on the wiki.  Neo Tokyo also recently announced a partnership with Core Games to develop a Neo Tokyo metaverse. With an average price of 89ETH in January that is now down to 10.8ETH, those looking to build in Web3 might want to take advantage of network access at a discount while they still can. 


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