Five Reasons to Listen to the Wayne Ayers Podcast

Wayne Ayers is the founder of the media company, WhereistheBuzz. The digital publication provides the latest interviews and stories about your favorite celebrities and the entertainment industry.

They have gained over 200,000 followers across their social media platforms. They have well over a million monthly visitors for their website. The 24-year-old founder has been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, Huffpost, Yahoo News, Black Enterprise, Ebony Magazine, and many more publications.

Ayers recently brought back his highly anticipated podcast, The Wayne Ayers Podcast. The podcast has high reviews and has been listened to by thousands around the world.

This is the five reasons why you should listen to the podcast:

1. Stories– The guests featured on The Wayne Ayers Podcast have some of the most amazing success stories ever. So many different backgrounds and adversity they faced along through their journeys.

2. Gems– The guests on the podcast have dropped a lot of knowledge on how to either break in or grow massively in their industry.

3. Entertainment– The Wayne Ayers Podcast is one of most exciting podcasts to listen to while you are driving. It’s very relaxing and chill.

4. Connection– The podcast draws so many people together around the world. It has become it’s own community.

5. Wayne Ayers– Last but not least the man himself. It’s not a secret Wayne Ayers is one of the greats in his profession. He gets his respect from his peers for a reason. From once being homeless in Bremerton, Washington to now having one of the most successful media companies in Hollywood.

To support The Wayne Ayers Podcast subscribe to their podcast channels. Also check out the visual podcast interviews on YouTube.

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