Five Steps to Becoming Mentally Tougher

If you ask any of the top entrepreneurs, or any entrepreneur for that matter, they’ll tell you that the one quality you need to become successful is mental toughness. Becoming mentally tough is probably something you’ve already heard about. It’s something that seems easy, yet most people take it for granted. They’d rather think about becoming mentally tough rather than actually being mentally tough. There’s a difference between thinking that you’re mentally tough and living mentally tough day in and day out.

The thing about mental toughness is that it will only get harder as you advance as an entrepreneur. There’s never an escape, and either you’ll become mentally tough or it’ll knock you down and you won’t ever be able to recover. When you think about the tough challenges in front of you today, they’ll seem super easy to overcome a year from now. How exactly do you become mentally tough? Luckily for us, the top performance coaches share exactly what it takes to become mentally tough.

Tony Robbins

According to Tony Robbins, becoming mentally stronger is like lifting weights. Over time, you will become stronger. No one starts off in the gym with an amazing physique, that happens over time.

However, becoming mentally tougher is more than becoming stronger. It’s linking your pain and pleasure together.

If you feel more pain than pleasure, you won’t perform an action.

But if you derive pleasure from a certain action, then you’ll take action. The more action you take, the more mentally tough you’ll become. Most people try to avoid pain. They’d rather live an average life than take risks that could bring them more pleasure. When you try to avoid pain, you’re not becoming mentally tough. You need to stop and think about what’s stopping you from taking action? It’s almost always because you believe when you take that action you’ll receive more pain than pleasure. Your goal should be to take action, even if there’s pain associated with that action. That’s how you become mentally stronger.

When you procrastinate, you’re giving up your mental freedom. You’re giving into pleasure because you only procrastinate when you want to avoid pain.

Grant Cardone

According to Grant Cardone, becoming mentally tough starts with having courage. Each and everyone one of us has the courage to live the best life possible, but the majority of us don’t want to take advantage of it. Much like Robbins, we’d rather play it safe than absorb more pain in our life. You already have courage because courage comes from the heart. It’s an innate instinct. If something was happening to your loved one, you’d get the courage real quick to rectify that situation. It’s there, you just have to harness the power on your own.

When you become mentally tough, you’re giving yourself the ability to risk it all. What happens if it doesn’t work out? Then you learn from it! It’s that simple, you don’t have to overcomplicate itDo something today in spite of the fear you feel. Ask out that girl you’ve been thinking about or make the tough call you’ve been putting off. It’s these seemingly small actions you take each day that will allow you to become more mentally tough in your life.

As you continue to take more risks, you will be proud to be alive. You weren’t put here to live an average life. You were put here to take massive risks and live life to the fullest.

Eric Thomas

According to Eric Thomas, becoming mentally tough starts with not getting comfortable. Once you become comfortable in your life, you’re no longer going to go after your dreams. You’ll feel content with where you are and won’t want to push further ahead. Your goal should be to improve each day, even if it’s only a small amount.

You must believe wholeheartedly in your dreams. Thomas said that he never talks to anyone before 1 pm who aren’t 120% all in on their dreams. This allows you to get the unnecessary negativity out of your life. There are millions of people who want to become successful, but aren’t. Why? Because they didn’t give everything to achieve their dreams.

Becoming more mentally tough in your life starts with changing your routine. If you can get up each morning at the same time, including weekends, you will become mentally tougher, it’s a given. I recommend checking out the book, Miracle Morning. That book is a great start to creating a morning routine for yourself.

The last thing Thomas said on becoming mentally tough is where you put your focus, energy flows. If you think that you can’t do something, then you’ll never be able to.

But if you put your focus on achieving the desired outcome and will stop at nothing to achieve that outcome, then you’ll eventually achieve it.

Ben Newman

According to Ben Newman, becoming mentally tough starts with changing how you think. Ben has worked with numerous athletes and can attest first hand that they can’t rely solely on their talents. Having talent can only take you so far. Changing the way you think starts with reframing your mindset. If you’re up against a competitor, whether in business or in sports, are you going to give up even if they’ve always been better than you? You wouldn’t because that’s what losers do.

Being from New England, it breaks my heart, but do you think the 2007 New York Giants thought that they couldn’t beat the Patriots even though they already lost previously in the season? They didn’t. They were mentally tough and didn’t count themselves out, no matter the opponent.

Start to focus on solutions instead of problems. People complain all the time, but aren’t willing to find a solution. Why? Because it’s easier to complain than find a solution. If you want to become mentally tough, you can’t be like most people.

You need to become a rare breed. Someone who no matter how much adversity they face will take on the fight.

Patrick Bet-David

According to Patrick Bet-David, becoming mentally tough starts with taming the voices inside your head. All of us, it doesn’t matter who you are, we each have good and bad voices inside of us. To become mentally tough, you need to block out the bad voice. When you can sense it rising inside of you, you need to push through. That’s the only way you will defeat that negative voice.

Bet-David would say that each of us needs a purpose. When you don’t have a purpose, there’s no chance you become mentally tough. You’ll give into everyday temptations and call it quits when you could’ve kept pushing. Developing mental toughness means you push yourself further than even what you thought was possible.

The last piece of advice Bet-David had was to think about how you’ll feel if you don’t go after your dreams. Will you be happy twenty years from now that you didn’t follow your dreams? It’ll be quite the contrary. You have the option and choices each day to determine how your life will be and mental toughness will help guide you.

Mental toughness is the essential quality in those who are successful.

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