Five Things You Must Know About Atlanta’s Rising Rapper: New Breed Nye, Who Is Soon To Take Over Hip-Hop World

Born and raised in Atlanta, New Breed Nye is a popular Hip Hop artist who going hot in music right now. Here are five things you must know about this talented artist from Atlanta who will soon take over entire America with his music-

  • Early days:- 

New Breed Nye’s original name is Nyrryk Evans. Although he always had an interest in music he was mostly focused on sports. He was a renowned athlete in his school times. He was popular for playing from the front in sports like basketball, football, and baseball. As Nyrryk started his college education his interest in music became more prominent and he started creating music from there onwards.

  • The beginning of an artist:-

New Breed Nye was influenced by many hip-hop artists from Atlanta and their influence can still be seen in his early work. It was a tough challenge for New Breed Nye, as he had no prior major training in creating music and he also had no godfather figure who can introduce him to music labels. Despite all those hurdles, New Breed Nye found success and was invited to many musical events.

  • From Yung Nye to New Breed Nye:-

In his early days, Nyrryk Evans was famous as Yung Nye and was already a brand in the music industry. With the label Yung Nye, He performed at several events in Atlanta, Alabama, and Florida states. In Just a few years his talents were recognized as music producer and he was invited to be the opening act for Dej Loaf, Lil Uzi Vert, and the Migos. His constant presence with big stars made him a household name and now he transitioned from beginner artist Yung Nye to a professional major artist known to us today as New Breed Nye.

  • Best work:-

Over the past many years, New Breed Nye has given many chartbuster songs and all of his albums have been on the list of top-selling albums. His musical creations like – Ain’t no Other way, Bizness, No No, Trapped N love, and Lil Ting are considered as some of the best hip hop songs at present. His musical event performances are always front-page events for new papers and magazines.

  • Future of New Breed Nye:- 

New Breed Nye is currently involved with his latest release ‘Love Me Before They All Do’. It was released in the local theatre of Atlanta where it found massive success as the entire arena was sold out.

New Breed Nye’s brand New Breed Nye Apparel is famous nationwide and now even available globally in more than seven countries. His latest creation Bosses on Hip hop 1987 is a big and newly launched home inspection business (@NewBreedNyHomeInspections) that is also blooming. For personal and profession queries you can reach out to him through his social media IG: @newbreednye 

The contribution of New Breed Nye to the music and rise of hip hop in Atlanta is extraordinary and no wonder he is called “Atlanta’s best-hidden gem”.

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