Flame J: An Up-and-Coming Artist With A Lot To Prove

Flame J is booming in the music industry

Flame J is an up-and-coming artist from Dover, Delaware who has a lot to prove in the music industry. The creative has been writing and making music for over ten years now and is finally ready to pursue his dream full-time. With his sails set forward and his mindset in the right place, Flame J is looking to make 2021 his biggest year yet.

Ever since Flame J can remember, he has been into making music. He began by messing around with his cousin one day and decided to lay down some bars on an old tape recorder. He fell in love with music from that point on and hasn’t looked back since. Since then, he has upgraded his recording quality through professional studios and has dialed in his sound in the process.

Currently as an independent artist, Flame J does all the work himself from producing and recording to the business side of things as well. That is a lot to balance for a young artist, but he knows by taking matters into his own hands he is getting everything done right.

With the recent release of his single titled, “Not My Manz” featuring Kidd Kidd, Flame J has set the bar high for the year ahead. His melodic vocals glide over the smooth-flowing beat, making it a great listen.

His strong work ethic and unique sound has Flame J in a prime position moving forward in 2021. He has his head on straight and his focus forward. With those two elements working together, it will be an illustrious year ahead for Flame J.

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Written by Jeremy Morris

3. Jeremy Morris is a force in the marketing and PR world, serving thousands of musicians, brands, and entrepreneurs helping them grow their presence online. Starting his online career with the goal of growing his own page, Jeremy learned quickly what works in the industry and what doesn't. He used his past experiences and what was successful for him to be able to start helping others grow in the same fashions he did. Jeremy is currently an integral part of the company EveryDay Success Team, where the company focuses on all out growth and development for thousands of clients, whether its press, social media growth, app development, spotify playlisting, and much more.