Flavia De Andrade: Taking over the world of entrepreneurship as a true blue professional.

Isn’t it quite amazing to learn about all those people who wish to make it huge in their endeavours through their relentless drive, passion and determination? Well, the world is filled with many such great talents across business industries and fields; however, a few rare gems go ahead in carving a unique path for themselves and achieve the success they desire.

This has led to the emergence of many entrepreneurial talents that have made every possible effort to prove to the world that passion, when combined with a strong resolve, can help individuals stand unique even amidst much competition.

We came across one such highly passionate and high-performing professional named Flavia De Andrade, who is a Sales Manager at CE LA VI DUBAI (a contemporary Asian restaurant, skybar and lounge in Dubai) and in her spare time is a creative entrepreneur.

From the beginning, if anything that fascinated Flavia De Andrade the most, it was all things creative, she confesses. She wished to be a part of the entrepreneurial world from a very early age and showcase her skills as a creative professional. She reveals that when she left Brazil, she began working at the tender age of 13 and since then had only one aim in mind to create a unique career for herself, which would get her nearer her goals and visions in life.

What’s amazing about her is also the fact that she is fluent in four languages and confesses that with her consistent efforts, hard work and determination, she built a network of more than 150K followers on her Instagram.

As a creative entrepreneur, Flavia De Andrade is involved in various exciting projects. She loves trying new products and travelling to new places and loves to share all of this and her experiences with the world. This has led her to become an influencer whose content has been craved for by people constantly on her page.

Flavia De Andrade caters for niches of fashion, food & drinks, places to stay, or the products she swears by. Through this, she loves to promote and help companies grow and give them the shoutout and the reach they require for themselves and their brands.

This Brazilian beauty and entrepreneurial talent has been making a lot of noise in Dubai for her skills and her determination to make it huge in the entrepreneurial world. To know more, follow her on Instagram @flaviadeandradef.

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