How to Flick the Confidence Switch

Confidence issues are some of the biggest obstacles that hold so many of us back from achieving the things we really want in life.

As a kid growing up and during high school, I was never really instilled with high levels of confidence in myself. Even when I started my business, my own lack of confidence and high levels of self doubt were some of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome. Because of how detrimental a lack of confidence can be to your career, business or life in general, I thought I would share some of the best takeaways from my interview with one of Australia’s best—”The Mojo Master,” Michael Johnson.

Michael Johnson, “The Mojo Master,” is a serial Entrepreneur in the personal and professional development space. Michael has a drive to help people from all walks of life find what really motivates them to succeed; he shows them powerful ways to thrive.

He believes that everyone is truly gifted, but most people just never have the tools, confidence, motivation and self-belief to find what makes them come alive and live it daily. Michael has coached and mentored tens of thousands of people from around the country through his live seminars, events, audio products, one on one coaching, live podcast, online books, masterminds and much more.

Some of Michael’s coaching clients are world champion athletes, leaders in corporate business, executive teams, top entrepreneurs, through to people with drug addiction, mental, emotional, psychological disorders and people just wanting to get more out of each and every day with rapid and lasting results.

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Here are some of the biggest takeaways Michael shared to create massive shifts in your life.

“You have got to keep growing faster than your problems, otherwise, you just get stuck with them.”


Our Reality Is a Direct Reflection of Our Thinking

If we say to ourselves, “The world is a shit place,” it’s a shit place. If we say “The world is an amazing place,” it’s an amazing place. Our perception creates our reality and our views of the world and people around us.

Our confidence is affected in much the same way. Many of us feel a lack of confidence in certain areas of our lives, where our self talk tells us things like, “I’m not capable of that,” or, “There are so many more people that are way better than me.” When we think about it, we don’t really lack confidence as there are a million things we all do amazingly every day that we don’t even question. So confidence is not really our issue. It’s actually a fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and fear of the opinions of others.

So when you start telling yourself that you are not capable of doing something or are not confident enough, I challenge you to try it out, to  take that first step. I guarantee it will not be as bad as you think it will be. Let me know how it went or reach out to me, I would love to help.

The Power and Importance of Self Love in Our Lives

We live in a society that really lacks self love. That is partly the fault of marketers that make so many of us feel like crap because we are either too fat, too skinny, too old, too young, too poor, etc. As a result, most people walk around every day never really owning who they are and never really loving themselves.


Stop Focusing on Problems

Why is it that a majority of us seem to focus so much mental energy on the biggest problems in our life, we see problems as being a huge weight on our shoulders.

Think about this: when we go to the gym, we push harder or heavier weights to grow and progress. This same principle applies to our career or business. We constantly have more pressure on us each day which forces us to grow and develop as a person.

“What is this problem or challenge teaching me that’s going to help me reach the next level?

Why the Key to Life Isn’t Happiness

Michael believes that the key to life isn’t happiness because everything in nature has to grow, or it dies. Nothing stays stagnant. Anytime something stays still, something else grows over the top of it. The whole purpose of life is evolution. If we stop growing, everything around us keeps changing. As a result, we feel like we are going backwards. Once people learn to accept this, life becomes so much easier.

Michael shared with me how he approaches every day by asking, “What’s the weight today that I’ve got to lift?” Some days it’s huge, but having that mentality creates a perception that either this is crushing me or I am getting stronger. , some days it does crush him, but he gets back up the next day because he knows that by doing what it takes to overcome this challenge, he will become stronger.

Be sure to listen to the full interview as Michael shares some amazing advice and strategies to create an unstoppable mindset.

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