Florida-based Chris Chong Shares Powerful Insights on Managing Multiple Businesses and Making Them Profitable

Florida-based Chris Chong Shares Powerful Insights on Managing Multiple Businesses and Making them Profitable

Never doubt that your passion might be profitable. A casual hobby could turn into an empire, just ask e-commerce entrepreneur Chris Chong. Based in Florida, Chris graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing. This Fort Lauderdale native put his education to good use as he now runs several multi-million-dollar online businesses.

At just 30 years old, Chris has served as a director of operations and vice president at e-commerce firms and is currently the President of the UNLTD Group, a social/digital media & marketing firm. This e-commerce pro got his start as a Twitch streamer (sharing games) and Instagram influencer posting content based on his passion: cars.

One might call Chris a social-preneur as he started with a large social media following then used his accounts as a marketing tool to boost his e-commerce businesses.  Chris’s knowledge was another driving factor of his success as he effortlessly discusses news, ideas, and innovations pertaining to electric cars.  The growth of aftermarket touches for electric cars set Chris on his path as he helps other owners out when it comes to modifications.

Chris has a customized Tesla 3 Model Performance, which serves as a rolling advertisement for his businesses. He uses social media to grow a community of customers, yet he truly enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. A firm believer in value-added solutions, Chris emphasizes the importance of building your brand and appealing to people. He also sees the importance of challenging yourself to learn new things and share this knowledge with your customers.

For fledgling entrepreneurs, Chris advises them to be leaders and authority figures. This is a way of adding value to brands and building a relationship with customers. This is also how Chris effectively manages multiple businesses: with a strong connection to his product and comprehensive knowledge.

Online marketing is a must for e-commerce success. Social media provides a free advertising platform with the potential to reach a huge audience. It’s all about developing new communication skills and being proactive in self-education. You also need to teach yourself management skills to effectively run your business(es.)

Chris still loves to modify cars. Due to his success, he can now dive deeper into this hobby than ever before. And that is his final secret to managing multiple companies: he loves his work, and his interests have turned out to be very lucrative careers.

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