Food Blogger and Entrepreneur Rahul Ahuja Makes Travel and Eating Exciting by Sharing His Views

Being a multi-tasker sounds cool but it isn’t easy. One has to be supremely dedicated and focused to make sure they complete and give their best in every different task they do. Rahul Ahuja, is an apt example of how with right kind of determination, one can excel in every work they do. Rahul is a well-known food blogger, an entrepreneur and also indulges in social work.

Ahuja is fond of travelling and enjoying a different kind of foods and eateries. He shares his views and experiences with people on ‘EatsIndia’. In no time, EatsIndia became one of India’s top travel and food blog and Rahul became a well-known blogger. It has been an exciting journey for him as well.

What makes Ahuja one of most loved and followed food bloggers in country is how he connects with the masses. He knows what kind of places Indians would love to make their tummies happy at. By covering such eateries along with the beautiful locations and writing details about them on his blogs makes him people’s favorite. In today’s competitive world, being at top is not a cakewalk, but for the entrepreneur, such walks towards the delicious cakes have helped him win people’s heart.

Despite having to travel at different places and explore them and the food there, the entrepreneur takes out time to work for the betterment of others. He often participates in social work as he believes one must also share joy, happiness just like how we share food with others.

One can follow Ahuja on his various social media pages. Follow him on Instagram & Facebook and enjoy the interesting places and tasty food dishes he shares there. and

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