Food List Recommended By Brian C Jensen That Can Keep You Healthy During Covid19

A healthy body does not only refer to bodybuilders. Regardless of the shape and size of the body, it must be healthy from within with a robust immune system that prevents or reduces diseases, infections and sickness. When you have a strong immunity system, you will survive the onslaught of the Covid19 pandemic more effectively.

Moreover, good immunity protects you from other diseases, explains Brian C Jensen.  Knowing how to stay healthy will automatically support the immune system. As long as you have sound physical health, you will have sound mental health, too, because these are interdependent. However, knowing how to keep stress under control will give you more advantage in ensuring a healthy mind without exercise.

Your body comes first, says Brian C Jensen

Having a strong body is a sure sign of good health that makes you more confident of taking up the challenges to emerge victoriously. Healthy people usually stay happy as they are free from worries about their health, which lends positivity to their emotions and creates a happy halo that lifts the spirits.

To build a healthy and robust body, you must exercise daily, and when the mind is in perfect sync with the body, it functions in a more effective way that helps prevent infections. Eating suitable foods and keeping the body hydrated helps improve metabolism that aids the assimilation of nutrients in the body that helps strengthen the bones and muscles besides improving immunity and increasing stamina. The immunity protects you from all kinds of infections, including the novel coronavirus.

Eat healthily

Be careful about what you eat because it directly affects your health. Choosing healthy foods rich in nutrients will improve metabolism, leading to a healthy body capable of offering better protection against diseases. Food and dietary supplements are the cornerstones of good health, provided you know how to create a healthy, well-balanced diet that can supply the nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals to the body.

Ensuring good health helps to keep various diseases at arm’s length and not Covid19 only. Now that Covid19 is our biggest enemy, all discussions about health revolve around it. But a healthy body does a lot of good for the heart, prevents strokes, keeps blood pressure under control, and reduces type-2 diabetes and even combat cancer effectively.

The ingredients of a healthy diet

An assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and lentils, a mix of wheat or whole grains, and rice together with protein-rich foods like meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products are the main ingredients of a healthy diet. Adding some food supplements is an option only if you are sure of its contents. Fiber-rich unprocessed foods like brown rice, maize, oats, and millet give a fuller feeling after meals that last longer. For snacks, you can eat fresh fruits, unsalted nuts, and some selected vegetables.

Consume only healthy fats available in olive, soy, corn, and sunflower oil and choose white meat over red meat along with low-fat dairy products. In addition, consume a lot of fluids to keep the body hydrated.


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