For all Your Trailer Needs, Trailer Time is the Brand Appreciating the Original Short Form Content

Trailer Time is the online entertainment feed minting itself as the essential outlet for all the newest television and movie trailers.

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Trailer Time is the online entertainment feed minting itself as the essential outlet for all the newest television and movie trailers. The Trailer Time co-hosts, Mohit Dangeti and Jamell Sirleaf, expertly curate all of the best new trailers and post them on their Instagram or Facebook pages as soon as they drop.

Harkening back to their childhood love for the thrilling experience of catching an exciting new trailer before seeing a movie in the theater, Dangeti and Sirleaf knew that there was a hole in the film and television content space, recognizing that there is no large brand focusing on trailers as an art form themselves.

By doubling down on film and television trailer aggregation, Dangeti and Sirleaf are not only filling this hole and catering to an underserved niche, trailer enthusiasts, they are giving trailers the love and attention they deserve.

In addition to this, since there has never been a greater time for high-quality film and television content, with the rise of the streaming giants, the Trailer Time co-hosts are able to keep their viewers informed about all the hottest new movies and shows as well as appreciate their trailers.

The two college friends are not only curating these top notch trailers, they are also reviewing them with the sincere and hilarious camaraderie that only legitimate friends can pull off.

While many viewers come to their pages, as well as stay, for the newest trailers, Trailer Time is resonating with their viewers due to their deep knowledge about the space, authentic love for trailers, and their important and timely discussions surrounding racial representation and diversity in film.

Trailer Time’s genius is partially due to their hyper-specific segmentation around trailer curation in a market filled with accounts trying to make content for everyone. Dangeti and Sirleaf know that there are other trailer enthusiasts out there and Trailer Time was specifically created to serve and connect with those individuals.

Of course, the trailer posting aspect of their account also serves as an entry point to their discussions about each trailer they watch, what makes a trailer great, and the industry at large.

Dangeti’s and Sirleaf’s ability to inform the viewers about the newest trailer, uplift the trailer as an art form to be appreciated itself, and have meaningful yet fun conversations about trailers, the newest movies & shows, and Hollywood is precisely why we expect them to enjoy long term success.

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Written by Matthew Thomas

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