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For Cosmetic Professionals Who Care, The JHON-JHON Institute is the Place to Go

Jhon-Jhon is an outstanding example of how to make it in the cosmetics industry.

Imagine a haven where you can receive the help that you need in order to find the hidden beauty within yourself once again. How about a place where students can turn their lives around and start working towards their career goals? That is exactly what Jhon-Jhon – the CEO of The JHON-JHON Institute – brings to the table with his cosmetics business.

Jhon-Jhon is a first-generation Filipino-American born in Los Angeles, California, where he was raised in Orange County. He has a deep-rooted passion for his work in cosmetics. “I found my passion in life because of my grandmother,” Jhon-Jhon said. He explained that his grandmother had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments due to ovarian cancer. While helping his grandmother, Jhon-Jhon felt helpless while watching her difficult battle. This inspired him to use his skill set in cosmetics to help others find happiness through their own difficult experiences. “I wanted people to feel pretty and beautiful while going through their chemotherapy and radiation treatments,” Jhon-Jhon comments. “I want everyone who walks into my facility to feel welcomed and loved.” 

Jhon-Jhon’s title is a Permanent and Paramedical Cosmetic Tattoo practitioner. He is the instructor, CEO, and owner of the JHON-JHON Institute. The institute is known for training reputable Certified Advanced Master Stylists. They also provide affordable custom-tailored treatments for both men and women. Jhon-Jhon says his goal is “to provide opportunities and change lives for the better.” He continued by saying, “I give my clients their confidence back; I give our class models a chance to get a procedure they may otherwise not be able to afford. I provide my students with the opportunity to pursue their dreams.”

What separates Jhon-Jhon from his competition is that he truly cares. “It’s all about having a passion for what you do. Once you have that passion for wanting to help people, it changes it all,” Jhon-Jhon said. Since 2007, his institution has helped satisfy thousands of clients and students. “The most rewarding aspect is when I see that I have made a difference. When I see my clients tear up from happiness, or I help my students turn their lives around and help shape their careers, it makes me feel like I found my purpose in life,” Jhon-Jhon says.

Expansion is on the mind of Jhon-Jhon as he looks into the future for his institution. Jhon-Jhon said, “I’d like to open new locations in California and Florida as well as open and oversee several online businesses.” That’s not where it ends for Jhon-Jhon though – he has the ambition of one day becoming a motivational speaker because of his passion to help others. Even with finding such success with his institution, business is not the only thing on his mind. He still makes his family a top priority. When asked about what his biggest milestone in life will be, Jhon-Jhon said, “My kids thanking me for being the greatest father.”

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