For Puya Ghandia, For Lasting Results, You Need To Commit To Full Immersion

Fear is all mental and can be overcome with the proper tools. It’s the inner voice of doubt and limitation we all hear as humans. But with a defined path toward your achievements, you can build a legacy, knowing that the world is a better place because of you. Puya Ghandia is here to give people what they need to make the emotional and mental shifts that lead to a lifetime of success.

Puya is called the peoples’ Chief Mindset Officer because he has perfected a simple system that is being duplicated worldwide. As an experienced entrepreneur, he uses foundational principles that anyone can apply to their professional or personal success. By taking ownership of their lives to achieve more, he inspires people to focus on the activities that will help them achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

“Our company takes individuals and businesses on a journey to finding their authentic happiness in life, at work, and at home through hands-on tips rooted in the science of positive psychology. It is our mission to change people’s lives everywhere around the globe! We help create mind-blowing experiences that accelerate people’s self-awareness while elevating their lives and businesses,” says Puya Ghandia.

Your mindset is about 80% of what you need for a successful business. Unfortunately, the mind is one of the hardest things to overcome. Puya has a passion for training, motivating, and coaching entrepreneurs in different mindsets and sales strategies that will multiply their business in a short amount of time. He teaches people how to fully commit themselves by clearly defining their objectives and overcoming the mental barriers and limiting beliefs that hold them back.

At age 17, Puya discovered the world of personal development working at a grocery store when he received a copy of The Slight Edge from a customer he was helping. From there, he used his skills to surpass his peers, achieving the position of Vice President of a large advertising firm.

He also partners with the Tony Robbins Organization, becoming a Results Coach. “I have dedicated my life to helping develop leaders. My actions demonstrate my belief that when we give more, we become more,” says Puya Ghandia.

Puya’s journey started with a desire to help support his loved ones. But as he saw what kind of impact he could make in the world, Puya’s “why” expanded. Now he makes it his life’s passion to help anyone with a dream reach their “why” by giving them the right tools and support to be successful.

What’s next for Puya? He is starting the discussion of alternative food and energy sources to further the longevity of our planet. He also believes we are heading toward a trend of increasing entrepreneurs and people seeking more fulfilling lives, that’s why he’s excited for his upcoming podcast set to release in early 2022. You can follow Puya on Instagram @PuyasWorld.

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