Ford Model Avori Henderson Breaking Gender Barriers in Gaming Industry

The online game streaming world is mostly male-dominated, but previous beauty queen and avid gamer Avori Henderson hopes to change that. The streamer continued to break streaming barriers after breaching the 400,000-follower mark on Facebook Gaming. Today, she looks to encourage more women to dominate in other male-majority industries. 

Avori is a model and former pageant participant who has now taken her competitive spirit to the gaming and content creation world. She resides in Colorado and streams regularly. She signed with Ford Models, one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in the world, and currently represents some of the poshest brands.

At a young age, Avori started by joining pageants and modeling. She would win three titles in the Miss America organization and reach unprecedented professional modeling heights in record time. As her passion for modeling grew through the years, so did her love for gaming. Not long after, she decided to start streaming on Facebook Gaming, one of the biggest platforms for online gamers to stream their contests to avid followers and enthusiasts. In less than a year, Avori has reached hundreds of thousands of followers and millions in streams and views. 

As a professional PUBG competitor, Avori has competed in various tournaments worldwide, including countries and cities like Sweden, France, San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio, Boston, and Mexico City. She also competes and streams other titles, such as popular games “Call Of Duty: Warzone,” “Valorant,” and “Among Us,” to name a few. 

Back in 2019, Avori Henderson made history by hosting and running the first-ever all-female PUBG tournament. The event gathered over 150,000 streams and raised $10,000 in charity money for partner organizations such as FredHutch and the Children’s Miracle Network.

Avori has appeared as a special guest on the widely-popular show “VENN’s Arcade Life” and on many fashion and gaming publications like Tube Filter, Gaming Lyft, Jejune Magazine, Naluda Magazine, The Pop Break, Meaww, Authority Magazine, Fandomize, Fitness Gurls, and Rival Magazine. She currently represents some of the world’s top brands as an influencer, including Nesquik, Proctor & Gamble, Cheap Caribbean, Bang, and Perky Jerky.

On top of her gaming and modeling career, Avori Henderson is also a serial entrepreneur who runs and operates a clothing line called Styles by Avori. Her fashion brand features various pieces that define fashion trends and give women greater confidence at affordable prices.

Yet, beyond all her achievements, Avori’s more significant work carries a philanthropic mission. The model and gamer looks to encourage women to pursue greater ideals in the gaming world and other industries. She hopes to be a beacon of hope to women by empowering them to dominate their respective realms. Through her influence and platform, the gaming figure looks to encourage, support, and empower female gamers by teaching them to embrace their passion and challenge the status quo, which puts a harmful and toxic stigma on female gamers.

To follow more of Avori Henderson’s work and activities, visit her Facebook Gaming page

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