Ford’s “Panther Platform” Finds New Admirers in New Publication, Panther Magazine.

No two car collectors are exactly alike, but for fans of the world-famous “Panther Platform,” tastes tend to align. The Panther Platform was a distinct line of Ford cars produced from the 1970s to 2011, including Mercury Grand Marquis’, Lincoln Town Cars, Mercury Marauders, and Ford Crown Victorias.

Panther Platform enthusiasts are notably fervent in their loyalty to and espousal of the exclusive line. One such enthusiast, Deric McCottrell, was inspired by his passion for the Panther Platform to create a magazine/lookbook dedicated to preserving the beauty of Panther cars for readers around the world to see.

Panther Magazine is a Fast-Growing Publication

Deric McCottrell, a full-time letter carrier for USPS, is the proud founder, President, and CEO of Panther Magazine. His publication showcases the beauty and elegance of the Panther Platform, as well as the thriving community of enthusiasts that has sprung up around it. The magazine features people from all over the world with photos and short articles about their stories and connections with their cars. The publication highlights the continued impact and appreciation of the Panther Platform despite its unfortunate discontinuation over a decade ago.

In just one year of business, Panther Magazine’s Instagram account has reached over 6,000 followers, a feat that McCottrell wears with pride. “For most businesses, social media isn’t really that important, but for my business, it’s how I find new customers and build new relationships with people who share this unique interest.” McCottrell hopes that social media can help bring a wide range of new readers to Panther Magazine, helping car enthusiasts to discover a new passion.

Passing on the Passion for the Panther Platform

According to McCottrell, he got to where he is today by way of trial and error. “Once I really sat back and thought about what I’m most passionate about, things really started to click for me,” he explains. McCottrell has always loved cars. Born in 1992, McCottrell remembers growing up and seeing tons of Mercury Grand Marquis’ and Lincoln Town Cars rolling around. Being originally from San Diego, California, he grew up entrenched in West Coast culture and was fascinated by hydraulic lowriders. Every time he spotted a ’90s Lincoln Town Car, he hoped it would be a lowrider.

In his late teen years, he had the opportunity to sit in a Panther for the first time. “I loved it!” he recalls. “I loved the way it looked, how comfortable it was, how smooth it felt to drive: it was just an all-around great car.” In that moment, he resolved to one day buy a Grand Marquis, no matter what it took. So far, he’s owned two. McCottrell loves these cars and the people that drive them; over the course of entering the Panther Platform community and starting Panther Magazine, he met so many great people that have since become good friends of his.

Keeping the Panther Platform Alive

McCottrell is confident about the future of Panther Magazine; not only for its place in the magazine industry, but also in the automotive industry. “I see a vision of Panther Magazine starting new trends in the automotive industry and elsewhere in the business world,” he explains. “Although the current era of business seems to be all about digital tech, the average consumer will always have an appreciation for a physical product – especially when it comes to magazines.” McCottrell believes the magazine industry is still going strong and that, in the near future, paperbacks and physical copies of publications will make a strong return.

McCottrell and Panther Magazine are dedicated to keeping the love and respect for the Panther Platform alive. With such a widespread and passionate community of supporters, McCottrell believes that he will find a large and involved audience for the publication among Panther owners.

After several months of promising organic growth, McCottrell hopes to take the publication to the next level with a sponsorship by a big-name brand. This will allow McCottrell to turn Panther Magazine into a full-time job for himself, enabling him to expand the publication, plan in-person events and national car meets (a world first for the Panther Platform), and more. 

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Follow Panther Magazine on Instagram (@officialpanthermagazine). View the magazine online for free on Issue.

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