Forex Trader Clint Fester’s 3 Tips for Starters

Clint Fester is a 36-year-old forex trader and mentor who was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Clint is the founder of one of the most successful trading services in South Africa & has been seen in multiple media outlets including Yahoo Finance. As of today, Clint Festers trading service “FestX” has more than 3200+ students worldwide who are eager to learn how to successfully trade forex.


During his early days as a Forex Trader, Clint had a vision board to keep him on track. His vision board was a daily reminder that if he ever gave up on trading, he won’t achieve any of the life goals he set.

There was no Plan B, it was a matter of him going all in or die trying.

Clint then started to set goals on daily/weekly biases & mentions “To achieve your goals you need to set daily/ weekly targets, and once you’ve hit those targets, don’t trade further, even if you made your target profit before noon.”

Obstacles Faced

Clint faced a lot of obstacles on his way to the top. A good percentage of his problems came from his finances; he experienced money shortages at one point and almost went bankrupt. 

He was able to overcome all of these by staying focused & sold all the possessions he didn’t need, such as his PlayStation, his television, and even his car. 

The only things he had with him were his phone and laptop. To help him overcome obstacles, Clint also draws motivation from his wife and children; Kourtney and Kyro. They are his world.

3 Tips For Starters

  1. Review your losing trades This will not only track your trading history but grow you into a better trader as all mistakes you pick up in your trading will be documented, deleted and you will make sure you never make them again
  2. Journal all your trades at all times. Date entered, the reason for entry, the risk to reward ratio, keep screenshots of the before and take screenshots of the after.
  3. Never Over Trade Make your target for the day/week and get out. It’s that simple the more you Trade the more you open yourself up to the market

Plans For The Future

Entering 2021 Clint plans on taking his trading to the next level & focus on his family YouTube channel. Moving silently is something he’s recently been looking to do.

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