Former Boxer, Amjad Khan, now Guides Young Boxers to Success

Amjad Khan is a born fighter. Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, he is a former boxer, international boxing promoter and even ventured into mentoring young and enthusiastic boxers. Apart from encouraging sportsmanship, he now also promotes a healthier lifestyle through the medium of boxing. Amjad has spent three years with the Indian army and now acts as a mentor, guide, and promoter to be boxers and helps them find their way around this industry.

 His humble goals reach the people through, Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation and Amjad Khan Boxing Academy.  Through his foundation and academy, Amjad has been providing a host of activities that benefit the community and the youth.

He promotes young and deserving boxers who cannot afford proper training by looking after their sponsorship and making them fit for international tournaments. Amjad himself has taken part in various international tournaments and his unique insight is very helpful to his mentees. He promotes the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle via boxing.

Through his foundation, he has organized various fights and given a unique chance to boxers to grow. His advisory group has also been a constant support. Let’s have a look at all the fight matches organized by him.

In September 2018, Amjad Khan organized a glorious fight in Kidderpore Boxing Club, Calcutta, India. Amjad promoted and guided this event to the core. The boxers who were promoted in this fight were Sagar Narwat, Hans Raj Thakur, Rakesh Lohchab, Asad Asif Khan, Chandini Mehra, Arun Antil, Rahul Kumar, Hera Miya, Sunny Kumar Bhagat.

 Another enthralling fight conducted under the echo of boxing promoter  Amjad Khan was in Sawai Indoor Stadium in Jaipur. Barring a few fighters from the previous fight, some new names promoted through this fight were Dharamvir Singh, Sunil Siwach, Gaganpreet Sharma, Mohammad Mostafa, Tej Choudhary, Ram Singh.

 Amjad Khan also organized another fight in the cold winter of January 2019 in the grand Marwah Studio. The fight was graced by many dignitaries and Chandan Singh acted as the matchmaker. New Fighters promoted through this event were Vinay Verma, Chiranjit Bauri, Sourav Khatri, Rahul Kumar.

 Amjad Khan sensed the popularity of these fights and did not stop. His foundation organized yet another fight in the spring of March 2019. Many new faces were given a chance with Chandan Singh acting as the matchmaker. Some of them were Budh Singh, Gaurav Kumar, Saurabh Choudhary, Sanjeet Gill, Sourav Khatri, Parminder Singh, Reshad Ahmad Ziaie.

Fights organised by Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation started to gain massive support. Naive boxers saw this as an opportunity to face the boxing world.

Another fight was organised in Noida in June 2019. Amjad promoted many first timers, thus giving their career a new direction. Chandan Singh was matchmaker, yet again. Among others, some first timers at the fight who gave their best were- Sachin Dekhwal, Manoj Pal, Kuldeep, Mohd Azhar, Yash Beniwal, Parveen Kumar, Sachin Nautiyal, Urvashi Singh, Anuditya Sharma.

As of late, the most recent fight organised by Amjad Khan under the banner of his foundation was in Mumbai. The grand venue this time was Bhavani Petg, Pune. This match saw a wave of new and young boxers trying their hand at professional boxing. Among the new ones were-  Sanjay Kumar, Ravikant Vats, Bobby Singh, Aaryan Chikara, Juber Ali, Harsh Gill, Sangeeta Singh, Ashish Singh.

The ongoing pandemic has dampened the valour of fights and boxing, but the spirit has remained the same. 2020 was a dry year for sports but Amjad Khan says,

The pandemic has put a break on fights but not on our thoughts and ideas to create boxing, a major sport in India. Throughout the pandemic, my team has been brainstorming and gathering data. We are coming up with a lot of surprises and big things. I’m sure the nation will embrace boxing more than ever.

Lately, Amjad Khan is busy with Boxer Mandeep Jagra who has been sent to the USA to fight a professional match in Florida. Mandeep has always found the support and promotion of Amjad Khan and is now scaling heights.

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