Former Olympic Hopeful Jessica Laine Becomes An Olympic Level Trader.

Jessica Laine is turning heads left and right as she continues to turn the trading world on its head. In addition, she is making leaps and strides in the health industry continuing her pursuit of doing her best to help other people.

Jessica has never been one to shy away from hard work. She graduated from Spelman University and the entire time she was there, she had been training for the Olympics. She had dreams of becoming an Olympic boxer and in 2016 had the chance to try and qualify for the Olympic trials but it wasn’t meant to be. “When you think that what your life’s purpose is turns out not to be your life’s purpose, you know that God has other plans.

I was training from 3 in the morning to 3 in the evening every single day. I was devastated but I knew that God had a plan for me and I was just trusting in Him.” Jessica is the kind of person who doesn’t have a plan B because as she says, “If you have a plan B, it’s because you didn’t believe in your plan A enough to begin with.” After the Olympics, she utilized the physique she had from her training and her social media platform to start getting into personal training. This was when she got introduced to trading.

While she was at Spelman, one of Laine’s sorority sister’s approached her with an opportunity to join a trading company which caught her interest and she got started. Very soon after, she realized that the company wasn’t really focused on trading education and was more focused on recruiting other people to join the company. But early on in her experience, she had what she called, “beginner’s luck,” and was able to make a significant amount of money so she knew that trading was real.

Because she had grown a following on instagram to almost 70,000 followers from her Olympic training, and a lot of her friends were in the same position, she went to them with the opportunity as well. She was excited about the trading and was able to show them that she had made money so they all got started with her and then shortly after, they “blew their trading accounts.

Jessica recalls this experience saying that, “I was really sad. All my friends were calling me a scammer and I was trying to tell them that I wasn’t but I couldn’t go back and show them what had gone wrong or anything and so I just felt really bad. When you can’t tell someone what’s wrong, it just makes you feel really bad.” She still knew that there was money to be made in the markets because of her personal experience but that she had to go learn it on her own. She took it upon herself to look for solutions rather than let her story stop where it was.

She did just that.

Fast forward today and she’s more than turned everything around. She became a 7 figure trader and created a private education and mentorship group that has almost 6,000 members. The members of this group are taught how to master fundamental and technical analysis of forex, index, and commodities. Jessica encourages others to not just learn how to master trading, but to also master themselves first. It’s all about psychology. “Get yourself right and then dive in.” She’s had countless success stories come from her group, some of which are highlighted on her website.

Jessica’s never give up attitude has allowed her to cruise into a position of empowerment, and takes great pride in ensuring that her trading students get the information that they really need to start off on the right track as new traders in the market.

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She may be reached for comment on her Instagram at @itsjessicalaine.

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