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Paul Alex is the founder of, a company which provides clients with everything they need to generate an additional source of passive income, in owning their own respective Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Paul Alex founded the company while still serving as a law enforcement officer. The former beat cop turned detective turned entrepreneur began hauling in passive income through an ATM business of his own, which he built in his free time, while still protecting and serving the community.

Once Paul Alex realized his ATM venture was profitable, he then self-taught himself digital marketing while learning on the fly how to create, build, and run a digital business as an entrepreneur. was founded in 2021 as a direct result of his hard work and dedication, in which he profited over $2 million in just his first year. He exited his role as a law enforcement officer and is now fully dedicated to helping thousands of clients nationwide create and launch their ATM businesses as well, regardless of whether they are seasoned business owners or budding entrepreneurs.

In fact, his clientele has contributed to the company amassing over seven figures in less than 12 months. Said clientele is a devoted and dedicated community called ‘ATM Business for Beginners’ Facebook Group that networks and follows each other in helping everyone find success.

“I built this business on the weekends while juggling my duties as a law enforcement officer,” said Paul Alex. “I self-taught myself much of what I know and read all the right books on launching a digital business. What you don’t know is what you don’t know and simplicity equals success.”

The spoils of war equal Paul Alex now running a multi-million dollar digital and ATM constructing company, all over the United States. He also manages the largest ATM business group on Facebook, called ‘ATM Business for Beginners’. He takes to live sessions each week, on Tuesdays from 5pm (PT)/8pm (ET) to share his experience, knowledge, training, tips and the ins-and-outs of the ATM industry for the network of over 29,000 members.

Building an ATM Business

Paul Alex and the team at want to provide superior customer service to clients because the end goal for all parties involved is to help clients generate an additional source of passive and recurring sustainable income. Clients across all different levels of entrepreneurship are taking heed.

At, business professionals will learn how to create, establish and scale their very own ATM business right in the cities where they already reside. Additionally, the company will handle all the ‘heavy lifting’, including providing them with the proper education on ATM maintenance, establishing an optimal location for the ATMs, and installation of their respective ATMs.

Clients are never alone as offers expert advice and guidance, literally walking each of them through the entire process, inception to completion. In fact, the company provides around-the-clock customer support and even will relocate, for free, their ATMs if the client is not completely satisfied with their respective services placement.

“Don’t stress about starting your ATM business. We will build your business for you or with you,” said Paul Alex. “Making your money work for you while you do what you want to do is the ultimate American dream.”

About Paul Alex

Paul Alex is a former law enforcement officer turned entrepreneur. He has experience in sales and digital marketing. He founded Automation Services to help clients establish their first ATM locations. The company has helped educate an excess of over 29,000 aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide regarding the ATM industry and currently has over 1,000 clients enrolled into their ATM Automation program. For more information, please visit

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