Picture a scenario where you’ve been on the grind and exasperated from a long day of work. The phone is buzzing, and you see an incoming call from your significant other on the caller ID. As you pick up immediately, relieved to hear their voice after such a chaotic morning, the feeling is not reciprocated. Instead, you answering the call leads to a disheartening argument that makes you feel like the dregs of the ocean.

“The domino effect that trickles into your professional life as a result of challenges in your personal life is insidious. Having to juggle our needs, wants, and aspirations, all while trying to maintain our composure amidst the craziness that surrounds us is an uphill battle for many of us, especially those with great ambition and dreams,” says the founder of Clarity, Lisa Fei.

The Domino Effect of Dysfunctional Relationships

Count your lucky stars if your love life isn’t a heap of a smoldering fire. For the great majority, dysfunctional love life can cause even the best of us to shut down in all other areas of our lives—this holds true especially for those who are high-functioning and in leadership positions. The stress of an unhealthy relationship can be crippling, especially when you’re already under tremendous pressure to impress your superiors,  coworkers, and peers.

Few relationships are free of dysfunction in one way or another. Odds are, you’ve seen it in the relationships of those around you. Safe to say, we’ve all witnessed, or perhaps lived, the consequences of an unhealthy relationship. For highly ambitious people who are particularly dedicated to the professional sphere of their lives, balancing even a healthy relationship can be challenging.

The sacrifices that many make in the name of their career and the preceding cancellations or absences alone can put a strain on any relationship. The aforementioned habits that stem from a dysfunctional love life can lead a high-performing person’s downward spiral into a black hole.

When one’s needs aren’t being met, they may experience the deterioration of their mental psyche, which manifests in the physical body. In a matter of time, the deterioration of the mind can lead us to dangerous pitfalls such as substance abuse, body dysmorphia, depression, avoidance, anti-social behavior, suicidal ideation, etc.

The Solution Is Born

This was the inspiration for Lisa Fei to build Clarity—to help people build happier, healthier, and lasting relationships with ease. No matter who you are and where you’re from, you might’ve been taught many things in school, but never given the knowledge and skills on how to successfully build healthy, fulfilling relationships.

Working with a psychologist or a therapist can be costly in terms of time and money, and just merely seeing them on a weekly or monthly basis may not suffice in giving you the tools you really need to navigate your love life. What’s more, speaking with a friend or therapist alone can be unhelpful and even detrimental, especially if they’re not the right person to be advising you in the first place.

Clarity provides an all-inclusive, all-encompassing solution. It enables anyone and everyone access to the tools and resources to thrive in their love life. Clarity is a relationship wellness app that helps people successfully navigate every aspect of their love journey—with over 50 renowned experts, and a safe and discreet community for people to openly share, communicate, and connect.

Clarity users can access an ever-growing library of cutting-edge resources, including a repository of 500+ enjoyable and easily digestible lessons created by over 50 of the world’s top dating and relationship experts. These experts include the leading practitioners of Gottman’s Theory, a Stanford University Research Psychologist, a neuroscientist from Oxford University, sexologists, cognitive and behavioral therapists, marriage and family counselors, astrologists, reiki, and tantra practitioners, finance experts, image consultants, and many more.

With an extensive library of tools and resources for building healthy and fulfilling relationships all in the palm of your hand, even those with the most compact schedule are able to seek and build a thriving love life. Perhaps it will be the end to sacrificing neither time nor money on the relationship wellness front. No matter what stage of a relationship you’re in, you can find the solace and answers for all your love quandaries with Clarity.

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