Founder of “Quieres TacosWay”, Gabriel Barajas Talks About his Success

Gabriel Barajas was born in San Fernando and lived there until he was 5. He had quite a difficult childhood and their family often struggled with impoverishment. His father Luis used to work for Gracianas Tortillas when his family moved from San Fernando to Concecion De Buenos Aires in Jalisco, Mexico.

Although they weren’t rich monetarily, they possessed far greater thing than money. The community was filled with love where people would take care of each other in their times of need.  Most of his childhood was filled with love and affection from his grandparents. He learned valuable lessons about life by spending his days with them.

He then started helping his father with selling tortillas. He used to tag along with his father to the neighbouring ranches and towns to sell at a very young age. Gabriel soon realized that life is not all roses and earning money was important. He fell in love with working and always wanted to be around his father.

Gabriel never graduated high school but he knew he had to work hard and make it in life financially. His father always reminded him to have a positive attitude and he knew things will work out eventually. He got married at a young age to his love Erica. The day his daughter Sarahi was born was the best day of his life.

Soon he managed to save enough money to open a family business. It was a Mexican furniture store that bought him enough money to buy a new house. His next venture was Tacosway. He was going back to his family roots and opened a restaurant even though he received criticism. He was working way harder than before. He was putting in his 16 hours a day into work without holidays.

He created the menu himself and overviewed the very small thing that mattered. He even produced a song on Facebook for promotion. Soon the sales started increasing enough for him to open another food chain. Currently, he owns 4 restaurants and his social media handles are also growing.

So, what is the secret behind such immense success? Well, after hearing this story, many would say that it would be near impossible for a man from such a socio-economic background to achieve such great heights.

However, Gabriel Barajas has gone above and beyond to prove such haters and naysayers wrong. He believes it was his family’s optimistic attitude towards hard times from such an early point in his life that such values have been imbibed in him.

Apart from this, he has always wanted to make his family’s dream of owning a proper restaurant come true. Family is all to Gabriel and he considers his success in making the dream a reality a way to give back to the parents who have worked so hard to bring him up.

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