Foxfrd Finds Organic Crossover Between the Music and Gaming Worlds

Accomplished video game animator and Hip Hop artist Foxfrd has been busy releasing hit after hit, uniquely pairing each original single with an animated visual to help bring his stories to life. And while Foxfrd’s background in video game animation makes him specifically equipped to do this, there’s nothing easy about his efforts.

Some of these videos take months if not years to create; but it’s worth every moment as the young artist hopes that his fans enjoy the visual subtleties that help compliment his lyrics and instrumentals.

Hoping to inspire the next generation of multimedia creatives, Foxfrd puts in long hours to make sure his visions become a reality. Having worked on projects like “When Cards Fall”, “Blaseball” and “Star Trek Resurgence”, his animation has been seen by people from all over the world. But at the end of the day, he is most proud of the work that he has done for himself.

His music videos like “Oni” and “Where Are All My Friends” were created using something called Unreal Engine which has seamlessly allowed such an organic merger between the worlds of music and gaming.

In gaming, he typically deals with gameplay animation or leading a team of animators which means he hasn’t really had much experience building complete cinematics from the ground up. But Foxfrd is beyond proud of himself for being able to commit to and survive a personal project of the scale that he went for.

Growing up, he spent a lot of time playing video games, so they’ve always been a part of his life. Introducing him to the game world was Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Sega Genesis. He was three years old at the time it came out and his experience is all that it took to get him hooked.

Later down the line, anime would spark his interest in animation, solidifying his decision to work in video game animation. But his impressive multimedia career does not come without its challenges. While he has been quick to move up the ladder to lead animator, he has struggled to receive adequate compensation for the responsibilities that he is in charge of.

Feeling undervalued takes its toll and he plans to continue to fight for fair compensation in the video game animation field because as we can see – there’s nothing easy about it!

Be sure to check out Foxfrd’s latest EP “Momentum” HERE.

And video some of his animated works on YouTube HERE.

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