FPW Media Founder and CEO Owen Garitty Sees Opportunity Everywhere

SPRINGFIELD, Oregon–Owen Garitty, founder and CEO of FPW Media, believes success is about rising to a challenge. 

“I have always focused on outworking my competition. I may not be able to control being best at something, but I can control how much effort I put in,” Garitty says. “So many of our competitors tell their clients or customers no and – to put it simply – we say yes.” 

FPW Media was founded in 2013 and has served countless clients by providing assistance through advertising and merchandising in both physical and digital mediums. Through his consulting services, Owen Garitty provides his clients and businesses with the tools to allow them to communicate their brand to a larger, but more targeted audience.

Garitty had the idea: what if several creative studios were combined under one name? He combined several different creative sectors and now FPW Media allows brands to enjoy streamlined processes to promote themselves through branding, film, and merchandising. As a true creative, Garitty transitions between different artistic mediums and has formed teams in each sector to suit clients’ needs.

Owen Garitty defines himself as a visual storyteller. A filmmaker and cinephile, Garitty’s passion for the visual medium has helped shape his life and career. As his commitment to his work has allowed his passions to extend to film direction, brand design, and strategic marketing implementation, Garitty’s repertoire currently ranges from creative direction at FPW Media to international business consulting, speaking on marketing and branding, and real estate investment.

Starting from his interest in photography as early as ten-years-old, to work in product photography, his focus has culminated in over twenty years of experience that granted Garitty the tools to start FPW Media in the first place.

In 2018, Garitty directed Lionhearted, an award-winning and critically acclaimed documentary film and multimedia project that elevates the combat experiences and stories of veterans. Lionhearted focuses on veterans’ post-war lives and emphasizes the need for a sustained platform through which to tell their stories. The film’s moving visuals were made up of interviews juxtaposed with combat footage, and highlight the profound and moving realities of many of our nation’s heroes.

FPW Media has seen significant growth in the years since 2019, and the trends seem like they’re on track to continue for 2022. After all, FPW Media was named one of the fastest-growing agencies in 2020, seeing over 300% growth in a period of three years. The company has continued to enjoy constant growth, seeing over 120% growth from 2018-2021. Working with FPW allows one to cohesively communicate and market themselves with consistent messaging otherwise not available when working with multiple creative studios.

For a company that is entirely self-funded and founder-driven, it’s needless to say that this rate of growth is significant. 

Garitty thinks that a major key to its success is the team’s ability to see opportunity in everything they do. This is a perspective he carries between his personal and professional life.

“I have had conversations with strangers on a plane that have turned into 6 or 7-figure opportunities,” Garitty says. “Opportunity is all around us. Every interaction has the potential to lead to something great, the trick is to recognize what it is and then put in the work to capitalize on it.”

If FPW Media’s success is any indication, Garitty is seizing every opportunity that comes his way.

FPW Media is a creative studio based in the Eugene-Springfield area. With three divisions—Brand, Films, and Merch—FPW is much more than a mere marketing agency. FPW describes itself as an “un-agency” that rises above the noise in a Fast Paced World. FPW is defined by a client-first mentality, a commitment to producing superior content, an in-house guarantee of brand consistency, and unprecedented access to leadership and design specialists.

To learn more, visit fpwmedia.com or contact Jessica at press@garitty.com 

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