Francis Volpe on how digital marketing is shaping the future of business

Francis Volpe on how Digital Marketing is Shaping the Future of Business

Just as the Industrial Revolution once reshaped the way we worked and the way we lived, so, too, is the digital revolution remaking the world in its image. This is no more evident than in the realm of digital marketing, where individuals such as Francis Volpe have long been taking advantage of the unlimited potential new technologies and their assorted mediums have to offer.

The cofounder of New York-based digital marketing agency Y Not You Media, is a highly sought-after and cutting-edge content strategist. He specializes in taking the bare bones of a business, brand, or individual and giving them an engaging and memorable narrative. He prides himself on immediately being able to spot content that is all killer and no filler. Through rockstar content and effective social media strategies, Volpe has been able to deliver for thousands of small businesses and brands looking to get into the big time, and he does it all with a smile on his face.

“A decade ago, what was your and everyone else’s experience of digital advertising and marketing?” asked an earnest Volpe, before quickly answering his question. “It was those poxy little banner ads, and as for influencers, they hadn’t even been invented yet. However, here we are ten years later, and everything’s changed. And it’s all because of the rise in internet access, the availability and affordability of smartphones, and the sheer, overwhelming popularity in digital and social media platforms. In today’s world, if you’ve got access to the internet, then you’ve got the keys to the kingdom.”

As someone who is very much of the new breed, Volpe still has what you might term an old-school approach to business in that he likes to meet his clients face to face.

Volpe explained, “What I’ve learned from influencers is, personal engagement is everything, and for me, I find the best way to do that is with one-to-one meetings. I like to get to know my clients, so I can understand exactly what they are looking for and what they can expect me to deliver.”

It’s forecast that by 2022 the combined global spending power of millennials will equate to $15 trillion. A large percentage of that money will be spent online and a perfect reason why you need an effective digital marketing strategy.

Volos explained, “More and more of the big players in all industries are using digital influencers to help grow their audience and sell their products. Whereas they once used celebrities and athletes to endorse their product, it’s now people who are hugely popular on social media. Influencers have the numbers and they have the engagement. They act as a shop window to the world and only a fool would fail to recognize that.”

Volpe added, “We’ve gotten to the point where digital marketing and advertising dictates how successful a business will be. If you have engaging content, the right individuals on board, and a team behind you with the right amount of social media savvy, then the world really is your playground.”

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