Frederico Panetta Powerhouse CEO Taking Gould Industries Public

One thing that separates the average entrepreneur from someone who creates an empire that moves mountains, is one who genuinely cares for the product, his customers, and his community. Especially after this past year, COVID-19 has changed the landscape for businesses and humanity as a whole, but somehow, many figured out new ways to thrive and bring more good to their communities and the hundreds of people they employ. 

Frederico Panetta is the CEO of Gould Industries, a division of Panetta Power based in Montreal, Canada which specializes in manufacturing private label products from scratch since 1954. It’s gained a world-renowned reputation of quality, innovation, and production skills that separate them from the competitors in its niche.

Recycling approximately 25 million kilos of plastic or more annually, Gould Industries has had a direct impact on helping its environment and takes this role very seriously, always making strides to improve its economic footprint when it sees an opportunity to do so.

 Over the years, putting the customer first and always going above and beyond for them is undoubtedly what leads to better results down the line. “We’re unique in our approach of putting the customer, the environment, and our place in the community over profit,” Frederico says. This is one of the factors that has led to so much of his success over the years, not only with Gould Industries but all his other ventures along the way.

Having the opportunity to interview Frederico Panetta, CEO of Gould Industries, I wanted to know what was the next big thing coming down the line? With 2021 here, there’s an opportunity to build the business and make it essentially future-proof for many years to come I’m sure. I asked “Bringing Gould Industries to the Canadian public capital markets, what do you feel is the short-term/long-term vision for the company? Do you have specifics on dates or events you’d like to announce?

Frederico replied, “Several strategies have been architected for progressive growth. Our main objective is to widen our catalog and place emphasis on being a turnkey operation for our customers. Since we’re in the commodity sector, several avenues are available to us and it’s easier for our distribution segment to fulfill the needs of our partners as we continue to cover a large percentage of the Canadian territory.”

Stepping back, by no means did this success come overnight. Frederico Panetta has long been a serial entrepreneur for many years. With that being said, bringing a company to the Canadian public capital markets is a big deal, the pinnacle of success for many business owners.

What led to the decision to go public? What point did you reach where you thought the time was right for Gould Industries? “All our decisions are generated organically and naturally as the company spreads its wings and flies higher,” Frederico explains. Without a doubt, it’s clear that the approach Frederico is taking in the journey of entrepreneurship has worked for him so far, so I trust this decision was made at the perfect time & will be an extremely successful project for Frederico. 

Later on in the conversation, I asked how Gould Industries has been handling constant global economical changes and unrest due to COVID-19. “In 2021 so far, how have you seen business improve or deteriorate?” Frederico explains that Gould Industries is entirely recession, pandemic, and natural disaster-proof.

It has proven time and time again in the last 65 years that our walls are standing high and strong. We’ve also added a medical side to our operations with syringes, protective gear, hospital beds, etc. That’s become part of the strategic positioning in becoming a fully turnkey operation I had mentioned before.

By far, with everything Gould Industries has accomplished so far under Frederico’s leadership, it’s another step closer to becoming a globally recognized brand outselling the likes of Johnson & Johnson who has had a similar ‘turnkey’ approach selling everything from vaccines to facial scrubs. 

Furthermore, Gould Industries has attracted a lot of notoriety and respect from the community for its services always going above and beyond the call of duty. I asked what special initiatives they had planned this year to help out. Frederico explained that Gould Industries holds several community-based events annually, most of them for high school students, showcasing and celebrating the arts, and for people in need all in one melting pot. “Just walking in front of our building and through our halls has the power to turn lives around for the many we’ve worked with and had the pleasure of employing,” says Frederico

With all this being said, it’s extraordinarily clear to me how much Frederico Panetta not only cares for his community but the hundreds of people he employs.

In closing, what was the greatest lesson 2021 taught you as a business owner and entrepreneur that led to your current state of mind and view on the future? Frederico said that “In this pandemic, I’ve learned that caring for one another is the greatest wealth that you can give, provide and give. When my decisions are based purely on providing help to the healthcare system, it goes a long way beyond making any kind of financial gain to me.” 

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