Freelance Journalist Amin Fardin Wants to Give Accurate Information to People Through His YouTube Channel

Amin Fardin is an accomplished Freelance Journalist. In the past few years, he has worked with many renowned media organisations of every type. All this helped Amin to build a great professional connection. He also understood every type of news organisation, target audience and the needs and demands of the consumers.

Talking about the types of work he has taken, it’s a long list. Fardin has worked as a Broadcast journalist, Communications journalist, Foreign Correspondent Journalist, Freelance Writer, Investigative Journalist, Newspaper Reporter Journalist, Photojournalist and also a Social Media Journalist. Hence, he became a known personality among the people of Iran.

All this helped Freelance Journalist Fardin to start something of his own. Despite all the challenges, he started his own YouTube channel. His YouTube channel is getting views in thousands and subscribers keep growing often. Fardin wants to provide the most authentic news with his viewers.

About his YouTube channel, Fardin says, “It is very important to give people credible information. After working for several organisations, I have understood what information they seek. Every day, I want to make sure I do better and provide the right news and happenings around the world to my audience.”

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