Freemote Reviews Show the Learn and Earn Strategy of Developer Training Works

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 Everyone starts somewhere, but when your interest is software development, “starting” may seem like a herculean task. What do you study, where do you learn, and what needs to be on your resume to guarantee a job that pays? 

 There are plenty of developer bootcamps out there promising incredible returns. Their services, which typically include a year’s worth of broad-scope developer learning, charge a pretty penny with no absolute guarantee that the new developer will land a position. 

 Created in 2019 by Aaron Jack and Jan Frey, Freemote offers a seven week course following four key elements to help developers go from beginners to experienced. Freemote reviews show that people come from all walks of life to improve their situations without wasting precious time or spending money comparable to obtaining a Master’s Degree. 

The Key Elements to Learn and Earn

 The four key elements that Freemote uses to put potential developers on the fast track towards professional careers are part of the bootcamp’s “Learn and Earn Strategy”. The strategy sets Freemote apart from other bootcamps. 

Over the seven weeks of instruction, Freemote guides people to: 

Choose a Booming Niche 

Research the industry and choose a development niche that is currently hot, not one that was booming five or ten years ago. 

Learn Narrow, Not Broad 

The problem many other, more expensive bootcamps experience is their curriculum is far too broad. They look to teach potential developers everything about web development in a year, a nearly impossible feat. Freemote seeks to narrow their students’ focus, teaching them to focus on one aspect of development to master, making them far more appealing to people seeking to hire. 

Work on Real Projects 

Unlike other bootcamps, where students complete a few fake projects to pad their portfolios, Freemote encourages real-world projects. These real projects show employers that a developer can handle real situations, which are often far more complex than fake projects created for portfolio fodder. 

Use Projects as Leverage 

The final part of the strategy involves leveraging the real projects students have completed to gain employment. Playing up the niche, narrowly focused skills obtained, students have reported through Freemote reviews that they’ve landed quality positions and freelance contracts shortly after completing the course. 

People Are Talking

Freemote reviews sing the praises of the Learn and Earn Strategy, illustrating its overwhelming effectiveness in changing the course of people’s careers. 

With so many people moving to remote work or leaving their jobs amid the “Great Resignation” to find something that fulfills them, the Freemote course is a perfect way to learn marketable skills quickly without paying exorbitant prices. 

Some of the Freemote reviews of note include students that have left dead-end jobs to work as freelance developers, learned Shopify and started landing clients right away, snagged gigs within the first week of the course, and landed multiple clients in one month as freelancers. 

Freemote has a novel approach to training developers and getting them to the freelance life they desire. Many people who have gone with Freemote for learning dream of a life where they can do work that they love, anywhere in the world, and get paid an excellent wage.

Freemote offers a “get results or don’t pay” guarantee for their students, so there is little risk. If the Freemote reviews across the web are any indication, their students are happy and highly recommend the Freemote approach. 

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