Friendly Diamonds: The Eco-Friendly Alternative for Environmental Conscious Couples

Let’s face it, engagement rings are often far too expensive, and many couples have delayed getting married because the cost of engagement rings and other wedding expenses are far too high.

A lot of times couples have also put off buying diamonds because of how much diamonds cost and the concerns about if they are unethically sourced. What many people don’t know is that there are so many cost-efficient options for ethical alternatives that still include diamonds for those that want to keep that traditional aspect in their ring design.

Friendly Diamonds is one of the most popular upcoming ethical and eco-friendly diamond companies, giving their customers full customization at the price they can afford. Designing an engagement ring shouldn’t cost so much and leave a negative footprint in the process. Design your partner’s perfect ring with all of your love; with lab-grown diamonds, there will always be the right one waiting for you to build your exquisite piece.

As a bonus, Friendly Diamonds has an amazing offer (conditions will still apply) when you order any jewelry from their webshop, they offer a beautiful Solitaire Pendant if you spend 5000$ or more on the website. Your engagement and wedding will most likely be a once in a lifetime experience, so why not choose a jeweler you can trust to take care of this special moment for you. With free shipping, returns, resizing, engraving, and a lifetime warranty and exchange, you will not be met with such an incredible quality anywhere else.

Friendly Diamonds has tapped into the world of laboratory-created diamonds. Their mission entails that they educate the customer to understand exactly what lab-made diamonds are. This is so that the customer may be fully informed of their investment, whether it is for an engagement ring, wedding band, anniversary gift, or a piece of jewelry.

A lab-made diamond, also known as cultured or engineered diamonds, is a marvel of the new millennia, and a trend that will soon become abundant for its brilliant benefits and advantages. Like a diamond that surfaces from hundreds of miles below earth’s mantle, a lab-grown or man-made diamond is just as brilliant. By sharing nature’s recipe it is created to rival even the very finest mined stones.

After decades of research and experiment, physicists and chemists have discovered what would occur naturally over prolonged periods. Under highly-controlled lab environments, this can produce real diamonds, identical, or perhaps superior, in structure, composition, and form as earth-mined diamonds in short durations, with greater quantity and quality.

This not only facilitates the growing demand in the market but also caters to the mounting environmental and ethical concerns that surround the diamond trade for clients that want a different alternative. Another benefit customers will notice with lab created diamonds is that they will have a friendlier price point as well.

Even though they are man-made, lab created diamonds consist of actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure. Technology advances have made possible the creation of diamonds so pure that they are indistinguishable even to the most trained eye, offering identical physical, chemical, and optical attributes as their mined counterparts.

Even though lab diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds, artificial diamonds, or cultured diamonds are man-made, these types of diamonds have nearly identical properties to mined diamonds and even experts have trouble differentiating between a “real” and a synthetic diamond.

Friendly Diamonds’ collection of lab diamonds is an exhaustive one as you can purchase your ideal lab diamond in hues of pink, yellow and blue. Fancy colored diamonds are comparatively more affordable than colorless ones.

Getting engaged is a beautiful thing and couples should have the opportunities to do so without hurting their finances. Friendly Diamonds are paving the way for people to design the ring of their partner’s dreams without breaking the bank. Design your engagement ring today and sign up for a virtual consultation to plan for your future with the love of your life.

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