FriendsWitNobody (F.W.N.) lead vocalist, writer and producer James Guyton, popular as JG.

One of the leading American Rappers, who has traced his family tree to Nigeria, has vowed to promote the country’s image abroad even as he has started impacting communities and lives of indigent children. James Guyton, popular as JG, an orphan and American born music star, is a lead vocalist, writer and producer for the group: FriendsWitNobody (F.W.N.) and was recently in the country.

The rapper, in a release issued in Lagos, declared that his quest to find the lost information in his bloodline has finally yielded positive result as he has found his true family identity.

According to him, a direct DNA test conducted has linked him to his long lost ancestors in Nigeria. Born in Des Moines, IA, he grew up in Sacramento, California where he had a rough upbringing and childhood.

A by-product of his environment, which was surrounded with music that he fell in love with at an early age, in pursuit of a better life, he moved to Denver, Colorado as an adult on a journey to find his deeper self and his higher calling in God, after losing both parents. Not only did he find his higher purpose along his journey, he also found his true family identity.

“It is no mystery that many African-Americans in America struggle with issues of historical displacement and abandonment due to slavery. Like other successful African-Americans in America, I found myself at a critical cross road after facing the death of both my parents and needing answers. I began to question my identity, was I lucky or did my success have something to do with an innate ability to achieve?

“So, the search began, and I began to look higher and deeper. This led me to my family tree. After digging through the family tree I decided to do a DNA test and all roots led back to the motherland, Nigeria,” he stated.

In spite of the negative image of the country being portrayed to the outside world by some unpatriotic people and the unpalatable experience in the course of visiting Nigeria for the first time, JG has never been the kind of man to let a couple of bad experiences change his heart or connection to his roots. He believes in the Nigerian people and cares about helping where he is able.

A philanthropist to the core, his passion for humanitarian service is second to none. The music producer, during his visit impacted a community and affected some indigent lives in his little way.

“I have been able to put a borehole in Ogun State for people who never had running water, put a new roof and ceiling on a widow’s house, and paid one-year tuition for a University of Lagos (UNILAG) student. Also a sum of N50000 each has been earmarked for two persons who visit my page for financial assistance stating reasons why they need such. Not to mention the millions of Naira I spend every month empowering people connected to my music.

“Sometimes you got to take the good with the bad, keep the faith, and stay strong. God knows what he’s doing and is in control of everything. So, I keep it moving and I don’t have friends just family and home,” he added.

Commenting on ‘FriendsWitNobody’, the chubby artiste explained that most people look and think he is saying that he has no friends. “This cannot be far from the truth. In actuality, FriendsWitNobody means ‘my friends are so close to me that they have become my family.”

With this new vision, JG hopes to change the world through truth, music, and media entertainment. As part of his effort to support the music industry and get Nigerians acquainted with, JG will be giving out N10000 weekly in the course of the maiden edition of his #FWNGBUDanceChallenge, which is part of campaign to promote his latest music project ‘God Bless You Now,’ a hit song in Nigeria.

The lyricist, who has done well for himself in the American music industry, having collaborated with notable artistes including Platinum/Grammy nominated Paul Wall, who he featured in GBU alongside Nigeria’s very own Turkey Nla crooner, Wande Coal. God Bless You is accompanied by a video that takes you on a journey from the Streets of Lagos to the Streets of Houston Texas.

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