From 2018 Made in America to Coachella 2019, Chris Yangello Shares His Journey So Far

Christopher Yangello, popularly known as Chris Yangello, is an inspiration to many. At only 17 years old, he’s an established content creator, producer, and social influencer.

Chris, who was born in King of Prussia, PA, is currently a senior at the Devon Preparatory School. At such a young age, he has demonstrated that passion and drive go a long way.

He is currently the CEO of forever digital music marketing company, a live event production company in Philadelphia, PA. From mid-2018 to late 2019, Chris was previously signed to Sony music entertainment RED Music label, currently called “The Orchard.”

Chris recently launched a YouTube channel that catapulted his social media fame. Something worth noting about Chris is that, besides the fame, he is down to earth and highly interactive with his followers. On Instagram, Chris has a massive following of over 130,000 followers. He is actively involved in the production and creation of concerts such as the popular made in America 2018, the 2019 Coachella concert, dream festival, among others. He has recently worked with global artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Zedd, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, Travis Scott, Jake Miller, and Kygo, among many other artists.

“Ever since I held up the camera and started filming, I knew that was destined for it,” says an excited Chris as he recalls the turning point in his life. Chris has two siblings, a brother by the name Alex Yangello and a sister named Seanna McNamara, who all live in King of Prussia, PA.

Working in the limelight, his love for hip hop is what catapulted Chris into his career path. He feels humbled wherever he meets and works with new people, be it producers, artists, or other content creators. Despite the challenges that come with digital marketing, social influence, and event production, he maintains great focus and zeal with the sky being the limit.

When it comes to mentors, Chris says that he draws his inspiration in the industry from none other than Ellen Wilson from Sony music entertainment. Chris adds that besides Ellen being his mentor and inspiration, she is the best. Over the years, it was Hellen that guided Chris, giving him opportunities, and also was always there to answer Chris’ numerous questions about the industry.

Chris is also running a lifestyle brand by the name “forever,” which sells casual wear for young adults. Forever, Chris’s brand is renowned for designing trendy outfits that promote the spirit of adventure and memory among the youths.

Chris Yangello, at 17 years old, is by far an achiever. The fact that he has a successful live event production company, producing international music festivals and concerts, while barely an adult is astounding.

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