From a Business Mogul to a Hollywood Actor with Xavier Dean

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In life, people go through numerous transitions before finding themselves or defining their one true purpose. It takes many trials and errors to understand your potential or where you can thrive ultimately. Xavier Dean is one business Rockstar who eventually explored his passion for acting that has made him a top Hollywood star.

He has an epic success journey, being an individual who went from homeless to entrepreneur success and making his acting dreams a reality. His main thriving force is his admirable mindset that has created sustainability and driven results.

Xavier Dean’s Biography

Xavier is a successful entrepreneur who has made the transition to film and television. Incredibly his business has obtained sales of over $300 million dollars per year. Having a business mindset, Xavier has taken his knowledge of the industry, personal branding, and relationship-building to the world of Hollywood. His approach, training, and mindset have helped him land multiple feature films within the first year of the business.

He has secured numerous leads and supporting roles in award-winning features and short films at the Montreal, New York, and Toronto film festivals. 

Getting to Where He Is Now

Xavier got to where he is today through the art of self-love and internal cheerleader. The hard truth is that most people want you to fail, including your closest friend secretly. One, therefore, needs to be their primary support system. No one should ever clap louder or cheer you on more than yourself. Self-sabotage will only limit your reach. Xavier developed a mindset to use criticism as an ‘opinion’ only measuring stick instead of the end-all-be-all answer. 

Changing His Life Drastically

One of his approaches in turning his life around is trusting his gut. According to Xavier, everyone will have an opinion of what you do and how you do it. It would be best if you kept in mind that they are not living your life and that only you can dictate how you want to live. No one can do like you other than yourself— that’s what you bring to every role. 

Realizing the Power of Mindset

For Xavier to realize the power of having the right attitude, he had to adjust his approach constantly. He would initially take to heart what everyone was telling him, which left him with no clear direction in business and acting. He decided to trust his gut and follow his dreams and passion. That is when he started to land roles and opportunities. People would lead him down paths they thought were right for him, but deep down, it was something unfulfilling. He did it his way, and that has propelled him to his successes. 


By believing in himself and developing the right attitude, Xavier Dean has beaten all odds and is now a star in the entertainment world of acting. He leaves many with a valuable lesson of believing in their consciousness other than trying to be what others want them to be.

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