From a Law Student to a Fashion Diva: The Impressive Journey of Monika Peja

Monika Peja

The increase in the consumption of social media from the past couple of years has given a platform for people to showcase their talents. However, there are very few who are able to stand-out and make their mark and one of them is Monika Peja. The 23-year-old Model who is currently pursuing her law studies has made head turn with her impeccable style sense and her Instagram is legit proof.

Residing in the Fashion capital of the world, Paris has certainly caught hold of this young starlet. Peja began her journey as a fashion model out of her liking and passion for vogue and style. Little did she know that her interest in the field of fashion would make her one of the stylist personalities on the internet.

Her taste in fashion knows no bounds. Right from wearing a simple white t-shirt paired with blue jeans and a blazer to acing an off-shoulder dress to simply slaying in a short dress, Peja sets the right mood with everything that she wears further inspiring a lot of young girls to do fashion experiments.

Originally hailing from Pristina, Peja came to France with a dream to excel in her career as an independent woman. She is not only pursuing her law studies but is also a translator with her expertise in speaking French, Albanian, Spanish, and English.

Peja is an ardent traveler since her childhood. The model loves to tour from one country to another where she explores everything that revolves around food, fashion, and vogue. So far she has traveled to countries like England, California, Illinois, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Canada, Michigan, Kosovo, Albania, and France.

The style icon has amassed a huge fan following on her Instagram and all thanks to her on fleek style game. She leaves no stone unturned to treat her followers with happenings from her day to day life and fans are loving it and how. Owing to her humongous following, brands have started approaching Peja for endorsements. In the past, Peja has worked as a face for brands like Ester Lauder, Mac, and Givenchy to name a few.

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