From a Small Suburb in Mumbai, to the World’s Youngest Leadership Speaker: Chirag Sheth

Chirag Sheth belongs to Mulund, a suburb in Mumbai, India.

Book at the age of 18, seminars on leadership to 40,000+ students and many more accomplishments. Here’s the story of a student turned author, Chirag Sheth.

Chirag Sheth belongs to Mulund, a suburb in Mumbai, India. The 21-year-old has authored two books and is renowned as the World’s Youngest Leadership Speaker. 

His exceptional and relatable speaking skills have gotten him invited to over 100 seminars in just a span of three years. During the pandemic, he also conducted more than 200 personal counselling sessions for people affected by the Pandemic which was noted by the Journalists at New York Weekly. 

Just this year, Chirag was placed on the Los Angeles Wire’s 30 under 30 lists of achievers alongside Lil Nas X and Ariana Grande. 

Chirag Sheth was an average student in childhood and caught in a rut of the education system, his ambition was to become an engineer with a decent job and salary. But fate had some other plans for him.

At the young age of 18, he wrote his second book “A to Z of Motivation” which was noticed by many prominent people in the Business and Educational Sector. Soon, he began conducting lectures and seminars on Leadership and Youth Empowerment.

Initially, it was his dream of becoming famous and leaving a mark all over the world that motivated him to work hard, but as he kept on conducting seminars, he realized that it was helping others and bringing a change in their life was what got him out of the bed every morning. 

In an interview he stated, “I have a dream to help every youth out there, achieve their own dreams. And I won’t stop until I am satisfied with the work I have done” 

Life wasn’t all Rainbows and Unicorns for him in the beginning. He faced a lot of problems in the start due to his young age and lack of experience. 

Chirag stated in the interview, “Colleges and University’s didn’t believe in my potential to give a Speech on Leadership. And I totally understood that, given my inexperience in the field and young age. This only made me motivated, and gave me a chance to prove them wrong” 

All the rejections and problems only made him tougher and made him the person he is today.

He truly believes in consistency and hard work. He says, “Chase Consistency over perfection and no hurdle, no obstacle can ever stop you.”  

It took time, sweat and tears, but Chirag made it happen and today thousands of people look up to him and seek his help to overcome difficulties and stay motivated. 

You can follow him on Instagram: Chirag Sheth

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Written by Matthew Thomas

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