From an Engineer to Punjabi Singer, How a Song Changed Aashi Rana’s Life

Aashi Rana was born on 12 Jun 1997 in Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh. He was a very well-performing student during his academics. He came to Haryana in 2013 for pursuing his Polytechnic. He scored good marks in Polytechnic and looked forward to pursuing his career ahead. So, he started the course of engineering in Haryana. Coming to his musical background.

He performed his first song in 2016 named ‘GF VS BF’, which become a hit. He was very happy and was enjoying his great song. His friends and whomsoever related to him appreciated his song. They motivated him to continue his career in this stream. But due to budget issues and his struggle Aashi was not able to sing a further song. Somehow in 2019, he made his new song “CROP” and it changed his life forever.

This song gained attention and got over 500k+ views on YouTube. This song got the attention for which Aashi was looking for. This song made him a named singer in the Punjabi industry. He thought of telling this stuff to his parents. But as the mindset of Indian parents is they want their child to work in some government sector or to get a white-collar job, this expectation of Aashi’s parents also came up.

Aashi assisted his parents to just hear his song once. After listening to the song, his parents thought that their kid is made for this stream only. They encouraged him to do better in this field.
Telling about his struggle he added that he has gone through pretty bad phases. He was not having enough money that he could make songs regularly.

Nobody was there around him during his bad phase. He was lonely and became a depressed patient. But he had got a self-belief and confidence in himself. This was the only aspect that was in his favor. And whatever he is today is due to his self-belief and confidence. He was somehow able to manage finance to make some songs. This is the reason why it took 3 years to make his second song.

Aashi is now the owner of AMP Rakaat company. It is a start-up company that focuses on young kids who are passionate about singing. He doesn’t want to see someone struggling as he did. He feels that if someone is talented enough then they should get a chance to prove themselves. He is looking forward to supporting them as much as he can.

For his followers, there is some positive news. Aashi is working on his next single. The level of enthusiasm and craze for his song is something to keep an eye on. “RoohAfza” is the name of the album. Arti Sharma is Aarchi’s co-star in this song. This well-known duo is teaming up for the first time, and fans can expect amazing music in the coming days.

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