From an Unfulfilling 9-5 to $1,000,000: Branding Expert Madison Hessler Shares Her Story

The desire to live a life of fulfillment and passion is one that most people have but few commit to accomplishing. Many times, the road to success is not a straight one, and the frequent turns and detours can leave one feeling discouraged, and at times, entirely defeated. However, with the right mindset and drive, most people can make their dreams their reality.

Madison Hessler knows this all too well, and her personal story is proof that, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can create a really special life for yourself and even your family. Madison is the Co-Founder and Chief Branding Officer of Insurance Branding, a brand consulting firm that helps companies and individuals improve their online reputation by developing an authentic and recognizable brand that outweighs its competition.

Since Insurance Branding’s inception, Madison and her husband, along with their team, have helped many entrepreneurs transform their traditional careers into fulfilling entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as control the narrative within their online persona. She attributes her ability to do that to her own struggles with her career choices and the conditioning she received growing up.

As a child, Madison grew up in a traditional family that believed in the 40-40-40 rule; work 40 hours per week for 40 years of your life to eventually retire on 40% of your income. For her parents and grandparents, this was the common “key to financial freedom”. Even though that concept didn’t align with Madison, at that time, she didn’t see a way out.

After graduating from college, Madison faced another challenge. Because she had not set her mind on a specific career from the beginning, she hadn’t studied a direct subject she could advance upon. Her Interpersonal Communication degree could be applied to any institution, which was a blessing, but also left her with a lot of confusion once she graduated. So naturally, without a clear direction, Madison settled for the first job offered to her – an IT recruiter in the Corporate world.

Although the job didn’t give her much satisfaction, it exposed Madison to many different possibilities and taught her crucial lessons. The main one was that the Corporate structure was not a good fit for her because it meant she would always trade her time for money. Despite being frustrated by the idea of spending the rest of her life in that environment, Madison remembered the money she spent on her education and felt she had no choice; she had college debt and bills to pay.

As the saying goes, when the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change, that’s when things begin to shift. That’s exactly what happened for Madison. After one-too-many stressful, unfilling days at the office, Madison remembers coming home and bursting into tears. Her then-boyfriend, now-husband Luke, empathized with her, and then proceeded to remind her that she was in control.

After the tears subsided, Luke asked Madison a profound question, and one that she thinks about any time hardships arise now – “What are you going to do about it?” She knew he was right, and that was the pivotal moment that she needed to make a plan, and take all-out, massive action to accomplish it. With Luke owning a social media and marketing agency at the time, Madison began her part-time journey into the sales and social media marketing world. Madison first made it her goal to match her salary from her full-time job in order to quit her Corporate job.

By then she had gained more skills and expertise in the social media and marketing space, and quickly discovered it was significantly more fulfilling. In 2021, she Co-Founded Insurance Branding with her husband Luke, and together they’ve helped thousands of people improve their online reputation through social media and digital press.  Within the first year, their company grew exponentially, doing well over $1 Million in sales.

It all started with making a decision, and that one decision Madison made, followed by relentless work ethic and action, resulted in the life she always wanted, but never before believed she deserved. It was her previous thought process and conditioning that fueled the belief that she “didn’t deserve a life of abundance and freedom”, which is why she didn’t have it for so long.

As Ed Mylett says, “you get out of life exactly what you believe you deserve”.

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