From Anecdotes to Short Stories to a Political Thriller, Fawaz Jaleel Has Arrived

When you go through Fawaz Jaleel’s  previous writing and social media handles, you get the image of a person who loves inspirational, feel-good, and positive stories that motivate people to take a step towards goodness.

However, when we heard the premise of his debut novel, ‘Nobody Likes An Outsider’, we were in for a “thrilling” surprise. The 28 year old Indian author decided to tell the world a story about an outsider’s murder and how a young CBI team led by Yohan Tytler are forced to wreck their brains to investigate this murder that has connections to the modern history of India.

It must have been some brilliant research to draw parallels to real events while writing  fictional story. So tell us, is this fiction or non-fiction?

So… Nobody Likes An Outsider is a political thriller/mystery that traces the death of India’s most promising young politician. Now, when the CBI  team comprising of Yohan Tytler, Ila Qureshi, and Sukumar Azhagu starts investigating, they start identifying some parallels to events that have happened in the modern history of Bihar and India.  To answer your question, this is a book for both fiction and non-fiction enthusiasts (wink). The entire setting and narrative is fictional but it draws inspiration from real events.

Wow! So, you have pitched your book to both fiction and non-fiction enthusiasts.  Moving on, why a thriller when you evidently have a flair for inspirational dramas?

I think you are making that connection after reading my anecdotes and a series of short stories. Someday, I would love to explore that genre and I am sure I will.  But why thriller? See, I think thrillers… especially investigative thrillers give the author and the reader an opportunity – for the reader to crack the case as soon as she/he can and for the author to make it tight so that she/he can surprise the reader. In a way, isn’t it a cat-and-mouse game between the two. You are deeply connected to each other even if you are miles away.

Nicely Put, Mr. Jaleel! Can people crack your book’s motive quickly?

See readers are smart. There is no underestimating them. But, I know this already. So, when I was writing, I tried to make sure that it is tight enough for them. Now in all humility, I think it won’t be easy to crack the motive. But, I would love to know if this is wrong from readers after they finish the book.

Will you gift a reader if they email you in between the book and make a guess?

Haha! You are really putting me in a spot. But hey! Why not? Please drop a mail to or in case someone wants to have a conversation.

When is the book releasing?

The pre-orders start from Feb 28th. The release will be in early March. Meanwhile, I will run contests on my facebook page – @fawazspeaks, Instagram handle – @fawazsays and Twitter – @fawazjaleel. Now that I have publicised all my handles, let me just promote my website too – it is

Fawaz Jaleel has written three short stories before – From The Land of Palaces, Inspiring Indians and The Legend of Birbal’s Bull. He is a postgraduate from Azim Premji University, Bangalore and a graduate in Journalism from Madras Christian College. Currently, Fawaz Jaleel is based out of Mumbai.

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