From Argentina to Miami: Who is Leyes, The New Rising Star of Reggaeton and Urban Latin Music

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At 21 years old and with a short career in music, Leyes and his great artistic potential never cease to amaze us. His first song “Pichaera” already exceeds 250,000 plays on YouTube and more than 50,000 on Spotify, while his most recent single “Tímida” is already reaching 350,000 plays on YouTube, a great success. Sometimes called “El Leyes”, or affectionately “Leyesito”, Leyes has not stopped growing, surpassing himself and evolving since his first hit.

Since the age of 5, Leyes played basketball participating in several local leagues and competitions, however, later in his adolescence, he decided not to pursue a professional career in sports to focus fully on business and music. Since he began experimenting with his voice and melodies, he discovered that he had great songwriting potential. His melodic approach to reggaeton puts him in line with artists such as Jhay Cortez, Mora, Lunay, Lyanno, among others.

Moving from reggaeton “Pichaera” to “Tímida”, an R&B with a hint of sensuality, Leyes is clearly a versatile artist: “My career is considerably short, but I’ve discovered that I really like experimenting in new genres and it’s part of this path of finding yourself artistically, your identity, where you flow best in terms of sounds and so on,” Leyes tells us.

Speaking of versatility, Leyes affirms that he is not closed to any particular genre and would even like to experiment with Latin trap in the future as well: “I love to compose catchy and commercial reggaeton songs, but I also have a very special appreciation for Lyanno’s R&B style, I have many songs saved in that style and I dream of one day collaborating with him to show my audience that other facet of Leyes. And since I don’t close myself off, at some point I would even like to show them some trap too, even if it’s not the main thing I’m always going to release”.

Currently, Leyes is a totally independent artist and is not signed to any record label: “At this point in my career, I’m open to evaluate work proposals and to experiment and create a lot. I would love to be able to collaborate not only with many artists on the scene but also with a variety of producers and composers, combining ideas and styles and generating fresh and innovative concepts together,” concluded Leyes.

Leyes is not a traditional artist, as evidenced not only by his versatility and artistic identity but also by his vast wisdom and intelligence in the music industry, marketing and business in general. His future is truly promising, we can only continue to follow and support his exponential growth.

To not miss his upcoming releases, you can follow Leyes on Instagram and on his official YouTube channel.

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