From Artist to Entrepreneur: How Trust’N Founded Lost Boy Entertainment

It is very common to see entrepreneurs making excuses and complaining about a lot of things instead of taking action and doing something about it: the family and the socio-economic situation in which they were born, the city and country in which they were born, and other “issues” are the most common ones.

However, at the other extreme are those entrepreneurs who, instead of focusing and seeing the negative side, just take that all as actual motivation that leads them straight to success. This is the example of Christian Anderson, known in the music industry as Trust’N, who grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. Madison has never been a city renowned for hip-hop and the urban genre in general; however, this did not make Christian give up.

Nowadays, as Trust’N, he has amassed more than 8 million streams across all digital streaming and on-demand platforms, also charting within the first 15 positions on Apple’s iTunes chart upon his most recent music release. But it’s important to clarify that Christian is not only an established independent music artist but also an entrepreneur, and being that self-taught communications specialist and digital marketer is what really gave him a platform to become who he is today.

Age Shouldn’t Limit You Either

Often, another factor that many people focus on is age. Society, in general, tends to minimize the capabilities of certain people, or to judge them, simply because of their age, to the point where young people are often self-cataloged as not capable.

At the young age of 22, Christian has a very solid background and a bright future. He is currently making major contributions to help musicians, artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs flourish in the global economy. It is this type of entrepreneur and their stories that motivate others to fight for their dreams, showing them that they are capable, and no matter what the circumstances, if you sow, sooner or later you will reap. 

As an entrepreneur, Christian is also the youngest member of the Forbes Communications Council, and he was previously offered the position of Executive Director of Public Relations by Luca Dayz, CEO of Bentley Records in NYC, being the youngest ever to be given the opportunity. He worked for Bentley Records for a year and then decided to pursue a new opportunity working beside Jeremy Cohen, the owner of Preach Management, Preach Records, and Preach Media Group.

Innovate by Being Aware of Opportunities

Christian went through difficult times trying to position himself as a recognized artist within the industry, and in that stage in which he acted as his own manager, he learned a lot after many setbacks and complications. However, once again, being aware and analyzing the situation around him allowed him to find a business opportunity instead of focusing fully on the negative, and the problems.

Also driven by his success, large connection base, and drive to win as an artist and entrepreneur, he founded Lost Boy Entertainment Co. to help independent artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses get access to resources they would otherwise never able to get on their own. Being the founder and original Lost Boy, Christian serves now as the company’s CEO and Director of Public Relations and Management.

His company is equipped to provide music-specific services such as artist & repertoire (A&R), management, and promotions as well as digital marketing, social media impacting, and public relations as a whole. As per Anderson, Lost Boy has serviced over 3,000 paid clients.

“Staying independent is an approach that is becoming more common in the music industry. With independent artists like Chance the Rapper and Macklemore paving the way for success without a label, the trend seems to continue, and that’s what we encourage and how we support artists through our company”, finished Trust’N.

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