From Being An Ex-Army Man To A Now Successful Entrepreneur, Mr. Narsi Grewal Has Bested It All

Mr. Narsi Grewal

It is often said, “A new job is an amazing chance to show the world what you are capable of. You have everything to be great, just use it and never give up on your dreams.” This is something that Mr. Narsi Grewal believes in. Being born in a small village in Haryana, he always knew the worth of our land and soil.

This love and dedication for his nation led him towards joining the Army Medical Corps in 1985 and he even served during the Kargil War. After several years of serving in the forces, Mr. Narsi Grewal decided to try his hands in the entrepreneurial world. Being a fresher in the field of marketing and still learning the concept of selling the products directly to the consumer, he had to struggle a lot to establish himself.

For him, this was a stage in his life where he was starting a new job, which he knew nothing of. Instead of giving up, he decided to make great efforts to do it.

Moving ahead with the belief in his deep conscience that no matter how many obstacles come his way, he’ll triumph through them all and make a mark in the business world. Influencer Mr. Narsi Grewal worked hard to build up his knowledge and his determination for learning new things helped him reach new heights.

His business became one of the top-ranked organizations nationally. Despite facing many challenges, Mr. Narsi Grewal strove forward instead of giving up. His strategy to coach and guide others through a unionized education system by using the assistance of literature, starter kits, training seminars, and mobile applications turned out to be the most profound one.

The philosophy of earning wealth is to duplicate you. This is something that Mr. Narsi Grewal firmly believes in. His vision of making one’s income independent of their ability to complete a given work is something that has made him stand out from others. Completing 18 years in the industry, Mr. Narsi Grewal travels frequently to fulfill his business commitments.

Even after being away from work, his company has a constant inflow of money, owing to his efforts. Mr. Narsi Grewal has distributed his tasks among individuals who’ll still operate on his behalf during his absence for a constant supply of their money and security. At a time when the world is struggling to cope with the covid-19 outbreak, the direct selling market continues to function smoothly and has even seen a rise in the number of clients.

Mr. Narsi Grewal is an entrepreneur with many achievements in his bag, some of which include- Rs.800 crore annual sales turnover through a distribution network, co-founder of Success Support System (an education system), Responsible Business Leadership Award by Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

He is not only a leading sales and marketing strategist and business expert but also the co-author of “Pragati Sutra” along with being a motivational speaker. With the passion to empower others to fulfill their dreams through entrepreneurship and guiding them with the training tools that will help one’s business for decades, Mr. Narsi Grewal is striving hard to make it big in the market along with his sons now getting ready to take up the charge.

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