From Being Bullied to Social Media Star; Charlie Jack Fitzpatrick’s Journey is Truly Inspirational

When we look at social media stars, the first thing that everyone thinks that how easy life must be for them. However, the truth is many social media stars have battled all odds in life to get where they are. One such influencer is Charlie Jack Fitzpatrick. In his career, he has donned many hats, he is a British broadcaster, social media influencer, tattoo enthusiast, model, actor and more.

Though this looks like the perfect life, his journey has been nothing less than inspiring. When he was young he was bullied for his size by people around him. According to Charlie, “I grew up with no guidance and I was bullied for being small. I had no support from my family and this left me with no confidence and plenty of insecurities. I left school with no qualifications and realised quickly that it was me against the world.”

As a young boy, Charlie knew that there are two ways of dealing with life, watch and let life win or fight and win over life. He chose to fight, survive and build himself up as a person. He built his first computer at the age of 12 and that installed confidence in which to achieve more and become an inspiration for countless people around him.

Post this achievement he made his way to social media and today he has close to 50 k followers hanging to his every word. His social media account, especially on Instagram, is a goldmine for people who feel that odds are stacked against them and there is no escape.

Charlie eventually started attracting attention from the glamour world and went on to work for MTV/nickelodeon and live streaming on social media.

Speaking about the same, he confessed, ” The best part about my job and what I like most about what I do is the fact that I inspire people to look for the positive side in any situation. After everything that I have been through in life, I wanted to bring hope to others. I had to find my peace and calm which allows me to see clearly and stay focused. I want to give this to the people that need it and make a change in the world.”

When the world around him was trying to push him down and make him lose hope, Charlie knew that he had to prove the world wrong. Today he uses social media to talk about fitness, health and diet. However, he is not afraid of being honest about what he has faced in life at a young age.

“I left school the first moment I could, I was bullied to the extreme. I had someone put my hand under a sewing machine and laugh while putting his foot on the pedal, ” Charlie revealed.

Today he has become a preacher and beacon of hope for countless kids and adults who find themselves lost in the hardships of life. Charlie has not only acquired a massive social media following but also has influenced the lives of countless people who want to let go of their traumas and bulid a better life.

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