From Being Discovered as a Rapper at 12 to Having own TV Pilot, Rowe Rowe’s Journey Is Inspiring

In his most recent creative endeavour, rapper and entrepreneur Rowe Rowe has taken up a new creative role! The talented artist is all set to show his storytelling skills as his TV pilot Unstreamed will drop soon.

The show will provide commentary on the process of artists becoming digital creators mainly through the advent of the app Tik Tok.

Meanwhile, Rowe Rowe’s story as a storyteller began in a fifth grade Garageband course, and his trajectory continued as he was discovered as a rapper on Instagram at 12 years old.

Now, as a rising senior in college with an interest in screenwriting, he is all set to naviagte his career in media-centric storytelling. The show is based on authentic experiences and other aspects he noticed throughout his time as an emerging artist, to his transition as a music manager.

He vividly remembers being in high school and having his parents drop him off at a recording studio in the valleys of Los Angeles, surrounded by warehouses. Rowe Rowe also remembers nervously stepping through the small door that led to the recording booth.

It was in those moments he learned that creation can take place in any space. After his first two years of making music, he decided to pursue a role in music management his current role is managing up-and-coming artists.

Now, on the business side, he has delveloped ways to be creative and to become digital entity. The world he knew at 12 years old was still centered around iTunes and posts on MySpace, driven by streaming services; already, the music world has shifted, and continues to evolve rapidly.

Many artists, himself included, struggle with portraying and parsing “reality” within the digital sphere. That is why he feels his project series Unstreamed is in the perfect position to tell the story of creatives in the music industry, as it brings life to characters who are forced to adapt to an industry that threatens to leave them behind.

Overall, Unstreamed is A Star is Born meets Almost Famous for the ascendant TikTok generation.

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