From Being PhD Student to Stepping Into Bollywood; Singer Sudhashree Acharya’s Story is Inspirational

The term beauty with brains gets a whole new meaning with Sudhashree Acharya! The diva is not just a stunning Siliguri beauty, she is also a talented singer, record artist, PhD student and social media star, all in one. When the singer was young she was constantly drawn to the world of music.

According to Sudhashree, “When I was a child, I took my passion for singing and love for higher education very seriously. I wanted the best of both worlds and thankfully I had my mother’s support through it all. She used to make me hear and make me practice the songs of Indian female singing legend Lata Mangeshkar’s all-time hits. However, I continued to strive for my education too and as a result, I managed to get the best of both worlds.”

On the career front, Sudhashree is making waves as a recording artist too, She is the first and only female in India to lend her voice to Indian railways IVR service in the Gorkha regional Language. This is a special achievement for the Gorkha community and Sudhashree is proud of playing a role in the same.

She will be soon dropping her Bengali songs O sona and Tumi je aamaar. Apart from that, she is also set to make her way to Bollywood with tracks like Jagu Main Ratiyaan, Zara Zara, Aajaana, Karey Mora Piya and more.

“I am just starting out and I am so excited to see how things will turn out!” concludes Sudhashree Acharya.

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