From College Dropout to Online Mogul – How Victor Smushkevich Built His 7-Figure Empire

Victor Smushkevich, founder and CEO of Smart Street Media, is no stranger to the publishing world. His work has been published in several top publications, including Forbes,, HuffPost, and Business2Community, among others. But he doesn’t just publish his own work; he also works to promote others’ work, landing many of his clients in those same publications. For Victor, this is just part of helping his clients grow their business.

But Victor wasn’t always this successful. Indeed, he’s had a long and winding road to success. As recently as 2012, he was working as a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza. After dropping out of college, Victor worked in his spare time to build his own online ad agency. His goal? To help businesses and websites rise higher in search engine rankings.

This field, called search engine optimization (SEO), is one of the fastest-growing fields in the online economy. And, back in the early 2010s, it was about to explode. Victor seized this opportunity and founded Smart Street Media in 2013. Since then, he’s helped hundreds of clients to grow their businesses. One of his most impressive accomplishments was Smart Street Media’s partnership with investment startup Acorns. Through this partnership, Acorns gained more than 600,000 app downloads, an impressive accomplishment for such a new company. Other major clients include the Mr. Rooter plumbing service and California-based workout company Mighty Pilates.

All told, Smart Street Media has generated over a million app downloads, and more than one million phone calls. All of this came from organic web search results, which is Smart Street Media’s specialty. With Victor’s guidance, the company has optimized more than 41,000 web pages to get to the #1 spot on Google’s search results. From its humble origins, Victor has built Smart Street Media into a 7-figure online agency. Not bad for a humble college dropout.

Victor has taken a multi-pronged approach to SEO. First off, his company helps clients to distribute keywords evenly throughout their content, rather than clustering them together. Second, he teaches clients to ignore word count. Many SEO agencies spend a lot of time – and money – writing long web pages with larger word counts. Instead, Smart Street Media focuses primarily on inserting the right keywords in a strategic fashion. Finally, Victor helps his clients to generate backlinks to their pages. The more backlinks a web page has, the more organic web search results it’s going to generate.

During his time at Smart Street Media, Victor has also been busy as a serial entrepreneur. He built the backlink agency This agency has now serviced more than 500 SEO agencies, providing an essential service to these types of businesses. Eventually, he sold to outside investors so he could focus his efforts on continuing to grow Smart Street Media. Victor remains deeply involved at Smart Street Media, continuing to serve as its CEO and as the primary face of the company.

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