From Creative Production Companies to Global Partnerships: Meet Entrepreneur Andrea D’Agostini

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From actor to entrepreneur, Andrea d’Agostini is approaching business in a different way than most. When he started off as an actor in his late teens and early twenties, building businesses was not at the forefront of his mind. Now, he’s building one after the other, fast and with great passion. 

The largest part of this pivot, he said, is thanks to his love for creativity and people.

“I really, really like people and I love helping them build businesses and ventures that will contribute to their growth,” he said. “I’ve always considered myself to be an artist in one way or another. When I founded my creative production company, I knew that I was on the right path to use my knowledge and experience for the right purposes.” 

Taking his creative skills and using them to expand his entrepreneurial portfolio, d’Agostini does it all. He wants to empower business owners to get to peak performance and is building a team of CEOs highly motivated and dedicated to grow their businesses.  

“Building an agency or an office with thousands of employees isn’t my focus,” he said. “I like to have a team of ‘marketing and business SEALs’ – people who are the best at what they do – that work to expand CEO’s businesses. It’s all about accelerating growth for businesses to equip them to do more of what they do best.”

First Steps Forward

d’Agostini’s career path was on the up and up almost as soon as he started, but he knew he wanted to do more. He wanted to take a risk, he said, adding that this particular risk was “the first of many that led to some amazing things.”  

This was back in 2013 when he took on a C-level role that led to bigger things. After flying from Italy to the United States, he worked with a company focused on low-cost, green, high-energy solutions called American Power & Gas. Although it started small, it quickly became a fast-growing business—one of the fastest in the country. 

Two years into this career, he began to travel, speaking to other small business owners and entrepreneurs who were just beginning their journeys. He was motivated to keep doing this because he wanted to give back, which eventually helped him build up his own brand.

But, his star really took off after he met Nicole Tabs, who he married in 2020. His “renewable, unlimited energy source,” she’s inspired and motivated him, pushing him even further. They also formed a working partnership, elevating both their careers and forming an unbeatable entrepreneurial duo. 

With the opportunities they’ve managed through their partnership, they’ve also been asked to participate in several keynote speaking engagements worldwide. At the same time, d’Agostini has continued to flex his entrepreneurial spirit and serve companies interested in attaining rapid growth through founding marketing platform SalesJet.

For d’Agostini, part of the intent behind SalesJet was to find and create the sort of tools that he wished he’d had when he was starting his career. From automation to the ability to build online classes, he didn’t have anything ready-made. But he found a way to use this to give back to a community of entrepreneurs and would-be business owners.

“When I couldn’t find one that was simple and effective enough, I made it for myself and then made it into something anyone else who needed it could use,” he said. “It’s the best of both worlds.” 

Using Experience to Grow a Career

Good businesspeople have one thing in common: They know how to leverage their experiences and use them to strive towards excellence. For d’Agostini, this came in the form of building marketing campaigns, creating businesses, and telling stories—all to inspire other entrepreneurs. 

He views marketing as a product, not a service. Since his job involves helping businesses grow, it’s no surprise that one of his passions is assisting others in finding success at home and internationally. He uses a combination of marketing and mentorship to do this. His company, in particular, helps to grow businesses with a solid team by his side. 

One such business is BodyContourz, a top LA weight loss technology program. And, speaking of leveraging experience, he took this relationship to another level too. Partnering with the CEO of BodyContourz, with a 35% stake in Danju Management, he’s now launching a set of franchising operations. With offices everywhere from Atlanta and Tampa to a European headquarter in Switzerland, this is another partnership that’s going places.

And those aren’t the only people he partners with as he grows businesses and partnerships side-by-side. d’Agostini just announced a partnership with Viva Concepts and serial entrepreneur Majid Tabs, founder of SpeedyClick, which sold for $50 million to Network Commerce, and NeoPets, which was sold to Viacom for $160 million. Viva Concepts is the number-one growth and marketing program in the United States for dental practices, and has helped more than 250 practices scale their businesses.

d’Agostini is also working with visionary network marketing superstar and best-selling author Daniele Viganò to launch the 29-city entrepreneurial ANDA Business Tour event series starting January 2022 (soon tickets and info). Prior to stepping into business coaching and leadership, Viganò had over 93,000 individuals in his downline in the early 2000s. 

For d’Agostini, partnerships aren’t just about profit. He wants to be proud of what he delivers to customers and go to bed knowing that he’s putting positive things out, things that will impact lives and help his clients. “This is why I’m so selective about the business owners and businesses I work with,” he added. 

He may have a lot on his plate, but he’s got no intention of stopping any time soon. This year has been fruitful, as he’s invested in great businesses, partnered with CEOs who they can call friends and built value alongside it all. After what he called an “incredible” 2021, he’s now looking forward to more mentorship, more marketing, and more personal and professional successes going forward. 

“I see more and more people trying to just make money without producing anything with the goal of accumulating enough money to just live on a beach,” he said. “This equates to entrepreneurial suicide. The truth is that, as an entrepreneur, you have the responsibility to advance society, better it, innovate and contribute to it. As an entrepreneur you are an artist and you should keep in mind that the renaissance you are looking for isn’t going to be built by banks or politicians. It will be you, the entrepreneur, that makes a difference.” 


About Andrea d’Agostini

Andrea d’Agostini is a serial entrepreneur, renowned public speaker, and successful mentor. He has helped thousands of people around the world scale their businesses and learn the advanced fundamentals of marketing, and his campaigns have been featured in Forbes, Vanity Fair, Glamour and many others. To see if you qualify to work with Andrea to scale your business, click here.


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