From Cryptocurrency to Sports Media: Riley Hillin Finds Success in All He Does

Today, the average social media user spends an average of almost two and a half hours on various platforms every day, flicking between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. We have a new and intimate relationship with our smartphones, which we now use for everything – we can even work and run businesses from them.

We can use social media to land ourselves a job, find friends or a date, order food, and even further our careers. With this shift, a whole new set of jobs has been born. Sectors like social marketing management, influencing, professional gaming, and dropshipping have all become viable ways for people to make a good living.

A Constantly Evolving Market

While the industry of social media has proven to be potentially lucrative, it is not for everyone. It’s a volatile game, and social media is as liable to change as any other industry.

Nobody knows this better than 22-year-old Riley Hillin. This young entrepreneur has already made a career out of digital marketing, gaming, social media, and cryptocurrency, and has been at it for almost a decade. What started as causal social media use soon blossomed into other opportunities, and, today, he runs his own marketing company.

While making money online started as a hobby for the youngster, Hillin soon learned the potential value of cryptocurrency and decided to invest in it. This was just the beginning of his illustrious career, which he foresaw through diligent research and a growing network of online influencers and peers.

He focused on sports media, noting its resilience in the face of an ever-changing stream of entertainment sources. He knew that sports would always provide a strong niche for him, as people always have something to say about it. There are eternal debates about which team is the best, and avid sports fans tend to remain fans for life.

Today, most young people also turn to social media for news, including sports news, so Hillin was almost guaranteed a strong following in that respect. For these reasons, Hillin knew he was onto something that would last a lifetime, and he powered through.

Riley Hillin’s Work Today

Hillin made his mark on Instagram with the account named @fighting. This popular MMA profile, along with @swish, a basketball account, accounted for a combined figure of hundreds of thousands of followers. He later advertised for some of the biggest sporting brands and products and took accounts from 100k followers to 2 million in impressively short amounts of time.

This young entrepreneur has become a trusted party over the last few years, and influencers, gamers, and investors know that they can rely on Riley to advance their social media and gaming ventures. Hillin has worked hard on networking and building a legitimate reputation over the years, and it has paid off, making him one of the first to make a consistent income through this avenue.

Social media and gaming have both expanded notably in recent years- as have other digital investments and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This boom made Hillin one of the forerunners within the new world of internet entrepreneurship.

Hillin’s combination of work ethic, drive, ability to lead and influence were almost guaranteed to lead him to success. The future is bright for Hillin, and there is no doubt that he will continue to grow as a businessperson and entrepreneur. Hillin is only in his early twenties, and it is exciting to see him achieve such success in the first half of his career. He has demonstrated a clear objective thus far, and he can only get stronger as an entity in the world of social media.

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