From Eyelid Lifts to Necklifts—Dr. Dev Patel Explains the Non-Surgical Trend

You may recall from your chemistry class at school that there are three states of matter: solid, liquid & gas. Wrong. To explain this and more, we spoke to Dr. Dev Patel, UK-based Cosmetic Physician and the first doctor to introduce PLEXR – the foremost plasma device – to the UK., in 2014.

Dr. Patel explains, “Plasma is called the 4th state of matter. Ionization of gas either by heat or electromagnetic radiation, will allow this to happen. Think of a flash of lightening; this is plasma being created in nature from the gases in the atmosphere. Now think of the relatively tiny area of the earth’s surface that is damaged from the massive bolt of lightening. This is the advantage of plasma…it is so very precise and we utilize this in medical applications. Take skin tightening for example. We create tiny dots on the skin surface where the plasma immediately sublimates the skin ie turns it from solid to gas. This is only happening on the very surface. However, the skin immediately around the pin-dot target is unaffected. Thus we can create tiny dots of surface damage without ultimately causing any scarring. The skin repairs over coming weeks and returns with more youthful collagen and elastin; key structural proteins that give skin its elasticity. At three months post-procedure the target skin is visibly tighter and generally healthier. I can achieve eyelid lifts, face-lifts, neck-lifts and more. Anywhere there is lax skin, PLEXR can help. I also utilize it to remove skin lesions that are otherwise difficult to remove without significant scarring or cutting. It really is like my magic wand that prevents the need for surgery. When I was asked to speak at a conference in Miami in 2019, I asked the organizer what I should speak on. He did not take a second to reply. ’PLEXR’ was his response.”

Dr. Dev Patel has performed over 1800 PLEXR treatments to date at his multi-award winning clinic, Perfect Skin Solutions. He has trained the first doctors in many other countries like Norway and China and is regularly invited to speak at global conferences on the subject. Patients have been known to fly in from Europe and beyond to be treated by him. He ends with: “It is amazing to think that the device does not even touch my patient’s skin. The tiny gap of air allows the plasma to be created and a tiny arc can be seen just like the lightening bolt…just a lot weaker. Topical numbing cream is all that is required! Aftercare simply involves a growth factor serum (CellDerma GF5) and a medical foundation. Easy.”

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