From Homeless to CEO: Logan Lapierre Proves the Power of Perseverance

Earlier this year, entrepreneur Logan Lapierre was homeless in the middle of a Canadian winter with just under $30 in his bank account. Today, he is the CEO of fitness sales & marketing agency 1-More-Rep, gaining more than $2 million in revenue for some of the biggest names in the industry. So how did a former fitness trainer completely transform his life in less than a year? According to Lapierre, it boils down to his core philosophy, after which he named his agency: You can always do one more. Whether it’s one more rep at the gym, one more sales call to a client, or one more hour in the office, we should always push ourselves to do one more than we think we can.

Lapierre developed this philosophy during the three days of 2020 that he found himself homeless. With nowhere to sleep, he oscillated between coffee shops and a 24-hour gym for shelter. But instead of dwelling on his situation, he used this time to work. Having spent the past year being personally mentored by Jason Capital, an online marketing expert and self-made multi-millionaire, Lapierre used the sales, marketing and copywriting skills he learned to gain clients. Inspired by his “just one more” philosophy, Lapierre worked for 60 hours straight, sending out direct messages on Instagram to hundreds of fitness coaches to offer up his marketing services. He eventually booked one call and a few days later, he landed the client for just under $1000. This initiated a snowball effect, and soon he was able to retain enough clients to launch his 1-More-Rep sales & marketing agency that specializes in helping fitness coaches gain more clients and scale their businesses.

Although this was one of the most challenging periods of his life, Lapierre is grateful for the lesson it taught him. “It shaped me. It shifted something inside me. It made me realize that if you expect any type of success in any way, shape or form, ultimately it comes down to extreme ownership in everything all the time,” he says. “When you do that, magical things can happen.”

This isn’t the first time that Lapierre’s life has been radically transformed by fitness. His journey began when all in the same week he was diagnosed as prediabetic at just age 15 and thrown into lockers by his high school bullies. Determined to shed the unhealthy habits he had been raised on and never be pushed around by bullies again, he started working out and eating healthier. He then moved on to bodybuilding, winning first place in three categories at his first show at age 19. “I had never committed to something so heavily that changed my level of confidence and belief in myself,” he says. “It shifted something in me. I just really wanted to help people as much as humanly possible with their fitness and health, because I saw how much it changed me for the better as a human being, not just my body but my mindset.”

This motivated him to gain his personal trainer certificate to help others transform their lifestyles. After clocking in 4 years and 4000+ hours working as a personal trainer in one of the top personal training gyms in Canada, he decided to move into entrepreneurship to make money online through sales and marketing. During this career shift, he invested all of his money into online marketing education, like Jason Capital’s IG Agent & Social Media Boss programs. As well as private marketing coaching with Jason Capital himself who’s sold more than $50,000,000.00 online.

Although he gained valuable skills and insight into the industry, it left him in a vulnerable financial situation that caused his brief period of homelessness. It was only when he combined his online marketing knowledge with his expertise in fitness that he started to see results.

Today 1-More-Rep-Agency works with names like AJ Ellison, a 3x muscle model world champion and sponsored athlete with 700,000+ followers, and Aaron Burgess Fitness, whose revenue grew from $1k to $15k a month. Having found rapid success in such a short space of time, Lapierre recently presented a mastermind class to over 200 online fitness coaches to share his expertise. 1-More-Rep agency is partnered with Speaker Agency, who own a 25% stake of his company and have worked with clients like Millionaire Mentor Jason Stone, world-famous “Wolf Of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort, and Joel Brown who’s the founder of the #1 motivational website in the world.

Despite being less than a year old, 1-More-Rep Agency’s growing success is proving the power behind their slogan: “The only difference between good and great is 1 more rep”.

If you’d like to follow Logan’s journey or want to connect with him, check out his Instagram page.

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